Phoenix Dynasty 2 – Infernal Arena

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Infernal Arena

The warring Azurians still have this unquenchable thirst for victory! Observing this fact, the Drillmaster has taken heed of these gallant warriors’ requests and decided to open the gates of the time-memorial battlefield for all Azurians once again! In this 24/7 open PvP map known as the Infernal Arena, warriors are split into two teams and get to fight each other or the Wolf and Army Party Guardians to win a lot of valuable rewards.

How to join the battle?

If you are level 45 or above, click on the Ranking List button beside the mini map on the top right of the screen.

Here you select the rightmost PvP and click Enter. Then you will be directed to the panel where you need to choose either Tian Huang or Sun Wukong. Congrats, you are in!

Phoenix Dynasty 2 - Infernal Arena

Infernal Arena

The two sides start the battle in their respective zones: Attacking Camp and Defending Castle.

Phoenix Dynasty 2 - Infernal Arena

As the two sides approach each other, the power level of the guardians on the map increases in the order of level 35, 45, and 55 as you get closer to the center of the map. These blood-thirsty guardians and the bosses fighting alongside them can’t wait to give you trouble on this nightmarish map.

Be careful! If you are planning to sneak into the enemy camp or standing too close to that zone, the archers deployed on the Defending Towers could make you regret it.

Ranking List

While fighting the guardians, you could be attacked by the Azurians from the opponent team. Killing an opponent Azurian earns you fame points, which will put your name on the ranking list and help you acquire some titles with outstanding attributes.


By killing the guardians and bosses in the Infernal Arena, you can win Enhancement Stones, Upgrading Stones and tons of gear!

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