Horror of the Deep – Venomous Underpath Map

Venomous Underpath Map

A very basic map showing approximately where to go in Venmous Underpath (level after Gorge of the Swarm prelude). It is the hardest level in the game at this point in time (Alpha Version 1.2). This map was done from memory, after 3 play throughs of it. This will have errors and should be treated only as a basic guide, not a definitive resource!

Some tips to beat the level:

  • Find all 3 keys as fast as possible (just like any level, as the stone troll will get you in about 10mins).
  • The glowing green trolls patrol the areas so learn their movement before running.
  • Screaming lady monsters are useful to guide one to the exit.
  • Memory is important to beating this game.

Horror of the Deep - Venomous Underpath Map

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