The Culling: Day 1 – The Hermit Build

Learn to win every game like a true hero with the Hermit build!

Perks + Airdrop

These perks can be moved around, but keep in mind you want to be faster than everyone.

Outift (Most Important)

You gotta make youself look as close to a tree as possible.

The Start

Once you spawn, you should craft a knife as quickly as possible. This will make you faster than lightning mcqueen. Use this to run from every person you see.

Loot the nearest building and keep any stims or weapons.
Sell whatever you don’t need. You want to either get 100 F.U.N.C or X-plosive runs and a stamina shot.

Use caltrops and smoke bombs to keep your enemies at bay, and make sure they don’t get close enough to stun gun you (Because SOOO many people use stun guns, screw you if you’re a stun gun/ brutus user).

The Culling: Day 1 - The Hermit Build

Mid Game

If you obtained X-plosives runs and a stamina shot, head to the center and try and find a cozy tree or bush to hide in until the game ends. If you don’t have stims or simply don’t have enough items to suit your tastes, then try and call your drop in, but if anyone trys to take it, LET THEM. It’s not worth the fight. Neither the airdrop nor the stims are required, if you can’t get them, don’t worry about it, they are only there to help you run from fights.

If you see an explosive barrel, craft an explosive if you can afford it, you can use it to finish off the last guy at the end of the match. Try and craft as many as possible, these things can finish a fight in a matter of seconds.

The Culling: Day 1 - The Hermit Build

Late Game

At this point only a few people will be left alive, you can play this two ways…

One: Try and stay near the last two people fighting and finish off the last guy once they’ve finished fighting. If you craft an explosive at a barrel before hand, you can throw it at the last guy to avoid being crushed by a sledge hammer.

The Culling: Day 1 - The Hermit Build

Two: Just hide until the circle closes in, then try to pick off the last guy with your Recurve bow. If this doesn’t work, then say your prayers and hope Jesus is real.

The Culling: Day 1 - The Hermit Build


Some things to keep in mind while playing with this build…

  • You don’t want to fight anyone unless you have to, most people are already really good at the game and can beat you down with their bare hands. 
  • You don’t have to get anything at all to win, if you don’t feel confident enough to call your drop, don’t stress out, it’s only there to help you run away from people. 
  • Run from everyone, you don’t know what they could be hiding up their sleeves, so just run away from any kind of conflict. (cough cough, stun gun/brutus users) 
  • Avoid events like grab my package and 3 crate Monty, there’s a good chance you’re going to die at them.

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