No Man’s Sky – Jetpack-Melee Speed Trick

Ever wanted to get around faster but Sprint isn’t doing it for you? This simple momentum exploit will make you go “wow, I can’t believe I wasn’t doing that before!”

The Move

The movement trick is quite simple, and takes two button presses. While moving, press the melee button. This should make you do a shove-bash attack. Now, right after the melee button is pressed, IMMEDIATELY activate and hold your jetpack. If all is successful, you will go flying forward at a high speed for as long as your jetpack lasts.

The timing appears to affect the speed boosted, but from gameplay experience it appears to be inconsistent on how.

Using default controls: again, that is moving forward-> Q -> immediate held Spacebar.


This movement exploit can truly be abused on edges. On any area where the height drops off somewhat sharply (say a hill), the Jetpack-Melee trick will hurdle one far greater distances at breakneck speeds. Likewise, on rare occassions at the end of an uphill section, you may fling yourself high into the air!

If this proves inconsistent, note the bash-melee must bring you off the edge and your jetpack must be activated before you begin to drop. If done incorrectly, the user will plummet more than launch.

From experience, it appears that Sprint -> melee-bash provides more forward momentum for the jetpack boost than the normal movement -> melee-bash.


  • Currently, the jetpack consumes 3x as much of your life support compared to walking, which is an important drawback to take note of. Consider this exploit a way of speeding up the gameplay, with all the boons and banes associated with that.
  • This cannot be done up sharp hills, as your jetpack-assisted flight will be abruptly shortened.
  • Fall damage is still a thing with this exploit, especially with expanded jetpack fuel. Use your jetpack in two bursts- one long, one short- to prevent possible broken legs.
  • The physics engaged in this maneuver can and have from experience made the game behave oddly with the right interactions.
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