LuckCatchers – Gameplay Tips

I will give some tips and tricks, mostly from questions i had at the start of the game and from new players. My english is not that great so hope you have understanding for that. I will keep adding tips and if you have tips let me know.


The normal chat has no option to pm someone privatly. Also if the person is far away he cannot read the normal chat, as the chat has only a local range. To PM someone you need to use the telegraph in the settlements. Every NPC settlement has a telegraph. You can only read a telegraph if you are in a settlement. If you want to set up a telegraph you have to type the exact name of the pereson you want to message in the recipent field, include capital letters.

LuckCatchers - Gameplay Tips

Remote Control

Dependent on your skill you can fly multiple ships at once. How this works is covered in one of the tutorials from xbwalker. But i wanted to add some tips i learned.

FIrst of you can remove the navigation system by just dragging it into your cargo hold of the same ship. It cannot be removed by dragging it into a buildinghold.

You can undock a ship with navigation from everywhere. Go to your properties (rightmost button on the top), select the ship you want to launch and click the steering weel button.( Undock the ship under controil of “navigation system”.

Now that the ship is launched you can select it by its icon and send it to a location that is in your minimap range.

If you send the ship a large distance or over an area where there are dargons alsways send the ship to max altitude. Just click on the ship, and increase the altitude with the button or with (E). In the infopanel you can see to what hight your altitude is set. Dont go over the maximum. Also set your altitude after you have set the move or docking order. Otherwise the order will reset your altitude settings.

LuckCatchers - Gameplay Tips


An easy way for beginners to make some money is by trading npc items.
The simplest way is trading the consumer goods. When you go to the market, select consumer goods and click on one of those items, lets say container with medicine. Now click on an random sell or purchase order. It now gives you some info about that item. As for medicine it says that it is produced around the area of Bervik. Now you know where that item is produced, you buy it in that city can sell it where the price is highest. This kind of trading does not go really well with the starter ship as the cargo is not that high. I recommend the Dodger, as this ship has a large cargo space, is relative cheap and does not require you to remove the pvp protection.

LuckCatchers - Gameplay Tips


To make a clan you have to build a castle. If you want to join a particular clan, go to their castle. There you can click to join the clan.


To cover large distance you can use the sapphire in combination with the large gate to teleport. Remember the sapphire is always cheapest in the city where its made. In the capital cities it cost 30 and in the other cities 10 per unit. When you use these stones, dont forget to remove them from your profit to calculate if you are even making money. The capital sapphires will keep respawning after they are bought out. The normal (10gold) sapphires only respawn 2 or 3 per hour (not sure about that yet).

Selling Ships

To set up a sale of a ship, you need to click on the store building in the settlement. There you can set up sale and buy orders.

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