MU Legend – Interface Basics

Short guide on the Basic Interface of MU Legend.


MU Legend - Interface Basics

  1. Character Info – You can check your class, combat power, level, ID and party members. 
  2. Quick Menu – Access the various main menus frome here. 
  3. Chat Window – You can check your chat messages. 
  4. Quick Slots – You can add skills and items to use. 
  5. HP/MP Bar – You can check the character’s current HP and MP. 
  6. EXP Bar – You can check the character’s level EXP and Soul EXP. 
  7. Notification Area – You’ll get notifications about skill level-ups, Rift Overdrive and Soul level-ups. 
  8. Legend Shop – You can enter the Legend Shop from here. 
  9. Quest List – You can see a list of quests and a short description of the current quest in progress. 
  10. Channel/Mini Map – You can switch channels or check the map. 
  11. Attendance Check – You can check the character’s attendance status.

Quick Menu and Hotkeys

The menus available in the game are displayed as icons.
Click on an icon to open the relevant menu window.

  • Character Info – C 
  • Soul Box – Z 
  • Skill – K 
  • Inventory – I 
  • Artefact – X 
  • Manage Pets – U 
  • Quest – J 
  • Achievement – H 
  • Ranking – V 
  • Rift – N 
  • Mission Map – B 
  • Search for Party – P 
  • Guild – G 
  • World Map – M 
  • Platinum Service – F1 
  • Game Menu – ESC

Chat Window and Chat Commands

Press the ENTER key to activate the chat window.

  • Public – /normal or /s 
  • Whisper – /whisper ID or /w ID 
  • Area – /area or /y 
  • Guild – /guild or /g 
  • Party – /party or /p 
  • Search for Party – /search for party or /f 
  • Trade – /trade or /t
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