Black Survival – Use Bear Points Wisely

Do you know how to use the Bear Points Properly?
The latest August Update of Black Survival brought us many changes in the game.
One of them is the Bear Points mechanics. That’s why you should use them carefully!


Before August 2018 Update.
Before the recent update, access with the Bear Code was kind of limited.
They can only be obtained from the Daily and Weekly Achievements, from Battles, and the Shop.
The items that you can obtain from using the bear points, of course, was also limited.


Upon the recent updates, changes were made.
Bear Points can now be obtained more freely.

Black Survival - Use Bear Points Wisely

1) Complete Daily and Weekly Achievements.

Long before July 2018, there was no “Achievements” section. On July, they added it luckiily.
Now we can get more Bear Points by completing those tasks.

Black Survival - Use Bear Points Wisely

2) Complete Growth Quest.

The recent Update gave us more chances of getting Bear Points-rich!
By completing the Growth Quest, we can have as many Bear Points as we want.
Although, take note that the number of quests you can take will be limited to your League. If you are in the Rabbit League, you can only take the Rabbit league Growth Quest. On the other hand, if you are on Elephant League, you can take the quest for that league and the preceding Leagues. That means, the more quests you take, the more chances of getting that sexy Bear Points.

Black Survival - Use Bear Points Wisely

Found on the Screen is the Growth Quest.

Black Survival - Use Bear Points Wisely

This is the Growth Quest Panel.

3) Daily Attendance.

You read it right!
They now have daily attendance just like the common MMO marketing technique to get you addicted to the game. Well, not really.
But yes! You can have lots of Bear Points while just sitting like a potato on your chair while doing nothing.

Black Survival - Use Bear Points Wisely

Daily Attendance is now added.

Black Survival - Use Bear Points Wisely

This is the Daily Attendance Panel.

4) Competing (Battles).

You can still get Bear Points by engaging in battles . Although, the Points you earn might not be as rewarding as thosw you get from quests or daily attendance. They still add-up to your collection of the almighty Bear Points.

5) Spend Some Bucks.

Being a “Free to Play” game, you can take the fastest route to obtain Bear Points. That is…
to of course make some…

Black Survival - Use Bear Points Wisely

In-Game Purchases!

Here are some other ways to get Bear Points:

  • Complete Research Journal Quest/per character (Takes more time to complete).
  • Queue Bonus Points (Wait for 1 min+ on Queue during Normal or Ranked games).

Black Survival - Use Bear Points Wisely

How to Properly Use Bear Points

Now that you’ve got loads of Bear Points there, it must be tempting to spend them in one shot.

Don’t be reckless [Player’s Name]!

Bear Points must be used wisely!
Because they’re awesome!

Black Survival - Use Bear Points Wisely

Benefits of Bear Points.

1) Do not spend all of your Bear Points while you are still in the Herbivore League.

It could be highly tempting to spend all of that sexy Bear Points, but honestly, don’t.
I repeat, do not.

When you try drawing out the Bear Cards, you could get different kinds of items that you might not even need yet in the Herbivore League. You can get Ice Box, or Food and Weapon stuff, that you can get for free while you are in the Herbivore League.

However. When you go to Carnivore League, sadly, you cannot get thosee items for free anymore.
With Bear Points, you can draw them from Bear Cards. You can get Tool Box, or Ice box that is crucial as one in the Carnivore League. And that’s how you’ll get the same headstart that you had suring your Herbivore times.

2) Always Draw with 5+1 Option.

Do not be reckless once again!
You’ll get more Bonuses when you draw Bear Cards using 5+1 option.

This is basic math, but I’ll show you:

Black Survival - Use Bear Points Wisely

Pick the 5+1 Option!

If you pick the first option, which is “100 Bear Points” per “1 Draw”, you’ll get only ONE Cards draw out of the Six cards.

But… If you choose the second option, which is the “500 Bear Points” for “5+1” (all) cards, then you’ll get them all the cards.

If you are an impractical person, spend 600 Bear points per 6 individual Bear cards, and you’re at loss.
If you spend 500 Bear Points for all the six cards, then that’s what I call Proper Bear Points Management.

3) Get Access Code and Other Stuff using Bear Cards.

If you are wiser, then you’ll follow number 2.
Because, you can get “Access Code” randomly during Bear Card draws. Once you get 10 of em, you can have a chance to get random items for your research lab, or get free skins.

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