Teen Internet Slang: A Guide for Responsible Parents

Kids and teens love to chat in their own secret language on their computers. Online, they enter chat rooms, send email, texting, Twittering and instant messages using a series of acronyms, initials, letters, and secret words on the Internet.

Internet Chat Room Acronyms and Slang Words

  • **//– Wink wink, nudge nudge.
  • ,!!!!– Talk to the hand.
  • 4COL– For crying out loud.
  • ABFL– A big fat lady.
  • ASL– Age, sex, location.
  • IWSN– I want sex now.
  • NIFOC– Naked in front of computer.
  • 9– Parent Watching.
  • THOT– That hoe over there.
  • TWD– Texting while driving.
  • KPC– Keeping parents clueless.
  • HAK– Hugs and kisses.
  • PYFPD– Put your freaking phone down.
  • Broken– Hungover from alcohol.
  • THOT– That hoe over there.
  • BABY– Being annoyed by you.
  • LFM– Looking for memes.
  • M4N?– Memes for Nudes?
  • BBLBNTSBO…– Be back later but not to soon because of…
  • BAG– Busting a gut.
  • BTOBS– Be there or be square.
  • EYC– Excitable, yet calm.
  • GD&RAFAP– Grinning, ducking and running as fast as possible.
  • HILIACACLO– Help I lapsed into a coma and can’t log off.
  • LSHMBH– Laughing so hard my belly hurts.
  • P911– Parent emergency. 

After reading this list, you will likely look at your teen’s texts in a whole new way. Incase you are still in need of more help, the today show has a great video on this! Decoding teens is hard to do, but hopefully I helped you out today!

Dont let those pesky teens get ahead of you!

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