GTA 5 – B-11 Strikeforce Test & Showcase

Welcome aboard, cadidiots! In this short video I’ll demonstrate you both the advantages and disadvantages of the newly added aircraft -B-11 Strikeforce.

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B-11 Strikeforce
Price: $3,800,000
Can be purchased at: Warstock Cache & Carry

Weaponry (available by default):

  • Autocannon.
  • Missiles (Homing and barrage modes).

Modifications (can be installed in your hangar):

  • Bombs (explosive, incendiary, gas, cluster).
  • Countermeasures (standard options: chaff, flares, smoke).
  • Engine upgrades.
  • Handling upgrades.
  • Liveries.
  • Resprays.

GTA 5 - B-11 Strikeforce Test & Showcase
GTA 5 - B-11 Strikeforce Test & Showcase
GTA 5 - B-11 Strikeforce Test & Showcase
GTA 5 - B-11 Strikeforce Test & Showcase
GTA 5 - B-11 Strikeforce Test & Showcase

Homing Missiles

Tracking system works good but not as good as Deluxo’s. Keep in mind that B-11 is capable of carrying only a limited amount of homing missiles.

Barrage Missiles

Standard barrage firing mode – same as Hunter’s. Unlimited.


Same power and same efficiency as any other bombs available right now.


The most anticipated and controversial element. It isn’t good enough against personnel and single/scattered ground targets (NPCs or players) or targets hidden inside small buildings and compounds. The cannon most likely was designed to engage ground vehicles. The rate of fire is way lower than Hydra’s cannon and the impact zone of its projectiles’ blast are lower as well. So, it is not very effective tool to hunt other players. But it is good against armored cars, trucks, tanks and etc. in the hands of a skilled pilot. Average Joe or Jane who got used to forgiving controls and over powered cannon of Hydras, Lazers and Savages are going to be, of course, disappointed.
BRRRT is included, don’t worry.


It may withstand 2-3 missiles. But if you catch one in your tail – you’re done, your plane will go out of control. I would strongly recommend to bail out, though there is a small chance of not exploding upon impact.


If we distance ourselves from the image of its real-life counterpart – the A-10, I can say that it is overall well-balanced plane for skilled pilots to hunt down slow or stationary armored/semi-armored vehicles, APCs, tanks, LAVs and etc.

I suggest using homing missiles against NPC personnel targets and Barrage missiles against players on the ground. However, once again, this plane wasn’t designed to attack personnel targets. Its primary purpose is to attack ground vehicles. Slow speed helps pilots to bomb more precisely. It is surprisingly maneuverable, for its size and purpose, though.

If you’re on a budget, I wouldn’t recommed getting this plane, you might wanna stick with a Hydra or Rogue. Other than that, for the purpose of collection and fun – this plane is a good purchase.

Written by MZ905

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