Phantom Doctrine – Body Engineering

Please note: all credit goes to Yograin!

Syndicate Engineering – How to get your Agents to shoot twice and move four times. (2 FP + 4 AP).

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Compound Summary

Compounds with x are those I know exist but did not get them as of yet.

How to Get 2 FP and 4×4 AP

I’m sure it is random what compounds you get when but I think there are some basic rules for the game to follow where to give what. So by the end of Chapter 5 you should have the following or close.

For 2 FP you will need 150 Circulatory. The same formula works for 4×4 AP:

Basically you need to add as many Circulatory compounds as possible without locking yourself from other compounds.

Please note compound A may prohibit compound B but it might be perfectly fine to use B and then A and get both benefits!

Bolasterone -> Bolandiol -> Cyclofenil = +15
DXAMPEA + AMPEA + BMA + THG + EPO = +61 (please note you have to use THG before EPO)
Gonadorelin + TST = +9 (If you have Anadrol go Anadrol + TST = +24 but blocks Gonadorelin)

85 Total Circulatory so you need agents with 65 base which should be your main agent andquite a few others you might have at the time.

Shortly after I did all this experimenting I have also received Anadrol with +22 and I also decided not to use AMPK with its +22 as it prohibits BMA and few other drugs. Surely you can get 2 FPs withthese as well.

For the 4 AP it is very useful to have the “sprinter” Perk which then adds 4×1 move so you should end up with FP 2 and 4×5 AP agents which is very powerful compared to the 1+2×7 you might have been using without drug abuse.


There are two Achievements connected to Body Engineering

1. Scientist – Apply 50 Chemical Compounds

Easily done if you just apply the 10 Compounds you need to reach 150 Circulatory to your top 6 Agents

2. Syndicate Engineering – Engineer an agent with all stats at 140 or above.

This actually popped for me while having 3 stats above 140 and one at 123 but the 123 stat went from above 140 by applying Cyclofenil (-19 Sensory) so the game remembers previous values and once you get 140 it counts for later. (or its a bug).

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