Team Fortress 2 – Weapons Combos

Here’s some nice and unique weapon combo ideas. I hope you guys like it and if you do – check it out yourself!

Scout Combos

Baby Face’s Blaster + Flying Guillotine

  • Guillotine, but more importantly its bleed effect, allows you to build up your speed bar much more faster and more effectively from medium/far distances, giving you max speed pretty much all the time. You can also use Wrap Assassin for even more bleed.

Mad / Mutated Milk + Wrap Assasin

  • If you like to use milk as scout consider combining it with Wrap Assassin. Christmas ornaments bleed effect plus milk regeneration can heal you really fast even at long distances.

Soldier Combos

Direct Hit + Panic Attack

  • If you’re bored of using 2 rockets to kill your enemies, you should go for this combo. With Panic Attack 50% faster deployment time you can destroy them pretty much instantly. And, cause of Direct Hit bonus dmg, you don’t need to shoot your gun twice most of the time, so “Succesive shots become less accurate” downside pretty much don’t exist for you.

Liberty Launcher + Buff Banner

  • You can say what you want but Liberty Launcher is very good. Only the dmg… That’s why you should use Buff Banner with it! It takes some time to fill the charge meter, but when you menage to do that… Even faster destruction! And the -20% blast dmg from rocket jumps allows you to do some rocket jumps as well.

Pyro Combos

Phlogistinator + Scorch Shot

  • Scorch Shot can ignite group of enemies and do mini-crit afterwards, filling the Phlog bar to full super fast. The rest are pretty obvious…

Demoman combos

Loose Cannon + Tide Turner + Claidheamh Mòr

  • If you’re good with Loose Cannon you should definitely try this combo. Loose Cannon gives huge dmg output, so who needs stickybombs when you can have huge mobility? Tide Turner full turning control + melee kills refilling 75% of charge with Claidheamh longer charge and melee kills refilling 25% of charge gives you really huge mobility and (what I like to call it) “escape plan” always when you need it.

Heavy Combos

Tomislav + Killing Gloves of Boxing

  • Iam not gonna talk about how you should play Heavy. But if you don’t want to use only KGB to clear the server, Tomislav faster spin up time and more accuracy is pretty nice with self-gathered crits.
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