Starbound – Server Connection Issues Guide

Have you tried joining a server and failed with some error you don’t know how to fix? Or have you ever been randomly disconnected out of nowhere? Well here is a trouble shooting guide for all your server based issues!

Account Issues

Account issues may very, but this is the only one I know of.

Problem and Solution #1

First off, You will get an error message for 2 reasons.*
One reason can be trying to join a server with the account/password field is filled when it is supposed to be empty:

Problem and Solution #2

Another reason is miss spelling of the account name or the account password. If you cannot solve the miss spelling yourself, OR you need account account information contact the owner. If you are the owner, contact the server providers.

* Note: I do not 100% know if there are only 2 reasons, could be more.

Asset Mismatch

The next issue is Asset Mismatch.
This issue is due to a setting in the options menu, as far as I know, this is only if you or the server has mods.

Problem and Solution

Now the way to solve this is by opening the options and under the graphics tab there will be “Allow Assets Mismatch” tick box. It will be empty and you will be needed to enabled.


Next we have the inactivity issue, there are 2 known* causes.

Starbound - Server Connection Issues Guide

Problem and Solution #1

The first one is quite obvious, you’ve been away fro keyboard for too long and the server boots you.
The next is a bit more obscure one.

I have noticed a trend where I THINK there is a client to server connection error. Sometimes it could be the client’s error, you can tell if people are using the server.

Problem and Solution #2

Other times it’s the server’s issue, commonly the issue can be spotted if everyone on the server gets kicked at the exact same time. To solve this, you either have to contact the server owner, or if you are the owner you must submit a ticket.

* These are issues I know of, feel free to report any you come across.

Client Packet Exception

Welcome to probably the final and most obscure issue on this guide.

Client Packet Exception is a really weird one. It doesnt give any information about the issue.

Problem and Solution #1

This issue is caused when you don’t have the mods for a modded server. For a solution, ask the moderators or server owner for the collection of mods and install them.

Problem and Solution #2

Now for the second possible cause, I don’t know the solution. But this issue is caused (I assume) with incompatible custom scripts. Now this issue is most likely caused by custom scripts conflicting with mods. Only solutions is to remove the scripts, remove the mods, or restart your PC. None of this is 100% but its worth a shot. Also what you can do is Verify Game Integrity, maybe that’ll work.

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