Dead Frontier 2 – Transition Guide

This guide covers what traisitioning players can expect when playing DF2, because too many DF1 players are expecting DF2 to be a clone of DF1.

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Basics: Game

  • The game is totally overhauled from DF1. Almost every single aspect has been changed and new ones added. 
  • Depending on how good you are at FPS games, DF2 can be considered more difficult than DF1 due to the needs of actual tactics instead of mindlessly running around. 
  • DF2 a DRM-required game. That means you need to be constantly connected to Steam in order to play this game, even in offline mode. 
  • More graphics options to fit the needs of high-end and potato quality PCs. Gameplay testing on a potato quality PC gets an average 20-45 FPS (FPS limiter enabled) on potato mode depending on how heavy the area is. 
  • P2W removed. No more VG and UWC with Implants 🙂 

Basics: Payment Options and Microtransactions

  • You can still buy Credits but you can’t trade/sell them. 
  • No Credit Shop. So no, you can’t buy UWC or VG in DF2. Maybe you should keep playing DF1 instead if you want to buy power. 
  • Former Credit Shop services are now spead out in character menu and ingame. 
  • Stat Reset is now an Outpost service. It still costs Credits.

Basics: Character and Skills

  • Character creation is pretty similar to DF1. 
  • Characters are not individual accounts. One registered account can have multiple characters until a limit is reached. 
  • No professions. You instead upgrade skills that determines your character. 
  • Stat spreading to ruin your character is still possible, but it’s penalties are less harsh than in DF1. Still, don’t do it and look up a build guide if available. 

World: Inner “City”

  • Not a city anymore, instead the world is now spread accross several towns. Travelling now costs resources. 
  • Each town has different difficulties levels instead of becoming harder the further you go from starting outpost. 
  • End Zone: Yes 
  • Outposts are in specific areas. 

World: Outposts and Outpost Services

  • Outpost functions are pretty much the same as DF1. You enter an outpost to save all gained EXP and set your respawn point for your death. 
  • Outpost services: Marketplace, Storage, Personal Messages, Missions, Stat Reset (requires Credits, see Gameplay: Payment) 
  • Missions are obtained from talking to NPCs, mission difficulty ranges from very easy to very difficult. 
  • You can explore the outpost, and even loot the outpost for supplies if needed. 

World: Interiors

  • The majority of the game now takes place in interiors. Exterior updates coming soon. 
  • Interiors are much more claustrophobic (smaller and crammed). Unlike DF1, Interiors are going to be alot more difficult due to small confined spaces limiting movement and dodging especially in high aggro. 
  • Interiors are now individual rooms instead of a floor. That means that each room in a building is a separate worldspace and not one whole floor. 
  • Some doors are locked. You need to loot the required key to enter the door. And it’s probably locked for a good reason. 
  • Bosses can now spawn in interiors. 

Gameplay: Basics

  • The game has two methods of play, lobby mode much like DF1 2D that allows you to create public or password-locked private lobbies and set your own rules and MMO mode that randomly connects you to lobbies with already set rules. 
  • PvP is now lobby-based. If you want to PvP then you have to create or join PvP enabled lobbies. 
  • Controls like movement and attacking is very basic, however certain controls like sprinting is skill-locked. 
  • Game is in a third-person shoulder view. 
  • You can pan your camera around your character to look at your character or for situational awareness. Compensating for the top-down view of DF1. 
  • The game is now RNG-based, that means every day there will be something different such as building layout and area difficulty. 

Gameplay: Weapons

  • There are two distinctive weapon types: melee and firearms. 
  • Melee is changed to be dynamic instead of static. 
  • Melee is more useful in high-level areas. No more pure firearm builds! 
  • Weapons are no longer skill locked, instead they are level locked. So you need to be Level X to use Y weapon. 
  • All firearms are now loud weapons that will raise aggro, even Pistols and Rifles. Melee is silent but will alert nearby zombies when attacking. 
  • Mastercrafting: Yes, but very different. See Gameplay: Mastercrafting for more info. 

Gameplay: Armour, Clothing and Cosmetics

  • Some clothings provide a stat bonus, including Armour bonuses. However, some clothings also give you debuffs that makes you or your weapons perform worse. 
  • Armour: Not yet implemented because you can already get Armour bonuses from most clothing. 
  • Cosmetics: You get them from playing DF1 or buying it from the cosmetics shop (not Credit Shop, see Basics: Payment Options and Microtransactions). They only change the look of your current clothing and weapon while retaining it’s stats. So you get a Dusk Enforcer that performs like a cheap $1 water pistol or a Vengeance Guard that makes you take much more damage than without. 
  • Mastercrafting: see Gameplay: Mastercrafting. 

Gameplay: Mastercrafting

  • You can no longer Mastercraft items. Instead MC items are found by looting. 
  • Godcrafting has been removed entirely. 
  • When you find a Mastercrafted item, it comes in 4 qualities. The higher the quality, the better the mastercraft. 
  • Mastercrafting can also include debuffs that will make your weapon’s and/or character’s stats worse than normal. 

Gameplay: Looting

  • Looting is pretty much the same as in DF1. Lootable objects are indicated by a golden outline. 
  • Looting is the only way to gain Mastercrafted items. 

Gameplay: Enemies and Aggro

  • Totally overhualed in DF2. Zombies are now slower but much more damaging. One zombie can kill a low-level player rather quickly. 
  • Their individul body parts can be targeted and dismembered. Like DF1 dismemberment will make the zombies weaker. 
  • As you go to higher level zones, zombies gain more attack abilities such as inflicting debuffs, spawning parasites and also more numerous. 
  • Bosses are only found in specific places. They have different abilities to attack the players in their own ways. 

Gameplay: Marketplace and Economy

  • Marketplace is similar to DF1 but has more functionality. 
  • Markets are now saperate accross outposts. No more global market. 
  • Money is alot harder to get. You can only get it by trading or doing missions. No looting money. 
  • No Bank as you dont loose money on death anymore. 
  • Items can only stay on the market for a certain time period. 
  • Certain items can now be traded up to 4 times before being trade locked permanently. Trade locked items either have to be used by it’s current owner or discarded. 
  • When you sell an item you get taxation of a small percentage of the item’s sold value. 

Gameplay: PvP Combat

  • PvP is now Battle Royale style. Much like DF1 Wastelands. 
  • PvP is only allowed in PvP enabled lobbies. 
  • When in an Outpost, you have a spawn protection that negates all PvP damage. Once you leave the outpost, your PvP Spawn Protection will disappear after some time. 

Gameplay: Experience and Death

  • You gain experience by killing zombies, completing missions and learning about the game’s backstory. 
  • You can level up while on field instead of needing to go to an outpost. 
  • All your gained experience is saved when you level up and when visiting an outpost. 
  • When you die you won’t loose all money anymore. You loose an amount of experience on death. 
  • Because you save experience when leveling up, you won’t loose any levels on death.
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