Last Tide – How to Get Different Dive Pod Skins

This simple guide shows what the different Dive Pod skins are and how to unlock them.

Red Dive Pod

This Dive Pod is extremely easy to get as it is a freebie once you purchase the game. It is the standard default Dive Pod that everybody will have.

Gold Dive Pod

The conditions to unlock the Gold Dive Pod are simple but to a general audience, challenging.
To unlock this skin you must win at least 1 match of Last Tide and then it will automatically unlock.

Green Dive Pod

The hardest skin to unlock and the rarest, the unlock conditions for this Dive Pod are little bit more complicated. To unlock the Green Dive Pod, you must get a kill using a Megalodon Chumnade, which is a special variant of the Chumnade which has a 1% chance of appearing in a crate dropped by a plane around mid-game. As the name implies, the Megalodon Chumnade will spawn a Megalodon to come and eat whichever unlucky soul got hit by the Chumnade, once this happens then the Green Dive Pod will unlock for you.

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