Strange Brigade – Guide to Score Attack

A comprehensive guide to the Score Attack mode in Strange Brigade.

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Score Attack is an exciting, fast paced and challenging mode in Strange Brigade. In either single or co-op modes you are faced with a range of adversaries that you must dispatch in order to progress to the next stage.

Strange Brigade - Guide to Score Attack

Use devastating weapons and traps to take out the terrifying horde. Completing a number of bonus objectives will allow for a much higher score at the end of your run. These include:

Bonus Objectives

Strange Brigade - Guide to Score Attack

Beat the par time – 100,000

Race against the clock in order to get the end of the stage in the time allocated!

Unique weapon kills 0/7 – 50,000

Discover seven unique weapons and take out at least one enemy using each one!

Trap kills 0/30 – 50,000

Dispatch thirty enemies using the various traps strewn about the map!

Headshot kills 0/10 – 25,000

Using the various weapons at your disposal, shoot ten enemies in the head!

Bullet hits 0/150 – 25,000

Hit enemies with 150 rounds from any of the weapons in your arsenal!

Never died – 10,000

Do not allow yourself to perish at any stage of the level!

Never took damage – 10,000

Take no damage whatsoever from enemies or the environment during your time on the level!

Tips for Score Attack

Strange Brigade - Guide to Score Attack

  • Running through each level stage a number of times can aid in understanding where you will face certain enemies. Knowing where they will appear can aid in speeding up your run time. 
  • Utilise your special power abilities as they can cause mass devastation. Make sure to build up your special ability with your amulet as you progress though the stage. 
  • Explosives can have a huge impact on your Score attack run. They can clear the way for you to swiftly access special weapons or provide better space between you and your foes. 
  • Experimenting with your load out can be advantageous, as certain weapon and explosive combinations can work better than others. 
  • Watch out for traps hidden within the map environment. Activating these can not only clear the enemy horde but also grant impressive bonus points. 
  • Consider explosive barrels as a means to thin the hideous herd of horrors. One carefully placed shot can wipe out a substantial group of fiendish foes. 
  • Make sure to visit ammunition reserves during your run. It is more than likely you will get through a lot of ammo during your confrontation with the undead horde, so make sure to keep topping up. 
  • Try to keep as much distance as possible between you and the enemy. This space allows for one to place their shots more tactically and prevents succumbing to attack. 
  • Special weapons in the game can deal significant damage. Use them to full effect and reap the added bonus rewards at the end of the round. 
  • Keep an eye on the time as reaching certain checkpoints and ultimately finishing the round within the allotted time cap, will provide bonus points upon successful completion.
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