Metal Gear Survive – Co-op Wormhole Generator (Teleporting)

How to use the co-op only Special Item, the Wormhole Generator.

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Selecting the Wormhole Generator

Metal Gear Survive - Co-op Wormhole Generator (Teleporting)

The Wormhole Generator is always in the same location in your left gadget list, [Q] and [3].

Placing and Teleporting to Your Wormhole Generator

Use [SPACE] to place it.

You can only place 1 at a time. Explosions, gunshots and other activites can destroy your Wormhole Generator.

If you want to move your generator, you will need to pick up or destroy your existing Wormhole Generator.

After placing your Wormhole Generator, you can immediately teleport to it while holding it and pressing Left Click.

There is a cooldown between teleports.

Teleporting to Other Wormhole Generators

Metal Gear Survive - Co-op Wormhole Generator (Teleporting)

If other members of your team place Wormhole Generators, you can teleport to them from the map.

Mouse over the generator and hold Left Click. You can also teleport to your own generator using this method.

Why Is This Useful?

If all 4 players place their wormholes in areas across the map it is much quicker to move to Side Missions, enemy spawns or back to the digger.

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