Strange Brigade – Amulets and Special Weapons

A guide to choosing the right enchanted amulet and bewitched weapon to suit your needs.

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By the power of Ra! An abundance of amulets, a spectacle of special weapons! But what do they all do?

Each of the characters in Strange Brigade has four unique abilities associated with the amulets they wield. Besides their starting ability, these must be unlocked by collecting sets of relics scattered throughout the game. You can check your progress by looking in your journal, on the main Campaign menu.

Special weapons can be found in chests. There will be a fee to open these, but as long as you have the gold, you can keep trying your luck to find just the right gun for you.

Amulet Powers

Gracie Braithwaite

Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb

  • Pulls an enemy in then aim and launch them as an explosive.

Daze of Heaven

  • Grabs an enemy with a tether which lifts and slams them into the ground.

Raging Bull of Apis

  • Attack with powerful punches, while protected from some damage.

Thoth’s Angry Automaton

  • Automatically targets and destroys enemies within range.

Nalangu Rushida

Blazing Wrath of Ra

  • Leap into the air and slam down, clearing an area around you.

Deadly Tether

  • Creates a laser between you and an enemy. Enemies that contact the beam are destroyed.

Heavy Ka Impact

  • Electrocutes enemies, then creates a blast around them.

Shu’s Chilling Touch

  • Blasts ice in a straight line ahead of you, freezing your enemies.

Prof. Archimedes de Quincey

All-Consuming Swarm

  • Summon a scarab swarm that homes in on enemies.

Desert Mirage

  • Summons a decoy that stands for several seconds attracting enemies before exploding.

Divine Poultry Punishment

  • Temporarily turns enemies withing range into chickens.

Set’s Cruel Pleasures

  • A lightning attack that spreads through a group of enemies.

Frank Fairburne

Chariot Charge

  • A powerful shoulder barge, which sends your foe flying, before exploding.

Call of Seteki

  • Summons friendly undead for several seconds, forming a very good decoy as enemies are preferentially attracted to them.

Deadly Eye of Horus

  • Six rapid headshots dispatch nearby enemies.

Soul on Fire

  • Turns a selected enemy into a walking bomb.

Special Weapons

Strange Brigade - Amulets and Special Weapons


These instruments of devastation are especially useful when facing crowds of armoured adversaries. A launcher of explosive scarabs, an extremely accurate crossbow, and a formidable flamethrower.

Scarab Launcher

  • Ammo: 1/8

Cross Bow

  • Ammo: 1/12


  • Ammo: 100/00 

Strange Brigade - Amulets and Special Weapons

Scoped Rifles

Put some distance between you and the shambling skels with a scoped rifle that will punch daylight through multiple enemies.

Westminster Scoped

  • Ammo: 42/00

Huntsman Scoped

  • Ammo: 27/00

Ensham Scoped

  • Ammo: 24/00 

Strange Brigade - Amulets and Special Weapons


Sometimes you find yourself overwhelmed, up-close and too-personal with the dread undead. When a regular shotgun isn’t quite the ticket, you need one with something extra. The Krakatoa sprays fire, even at a distance, and the Shockgun smites your foes with lightning. The Blunderbuss has no extra status effect, unless you count “into little bits”.


  • Ammo: 1/20


  • Ammo: 2/18


  • Ammo: 12/00 

Strange Brigade - Amulets and Special Weapons

Rapid Fire

More miraculous munitions for your alliterative armoury! In confined spaces, the Ricochet Rifle will send shots bouncing around – especially crafty when facing enemies carrying shields. The Chill Burster, meanwhile, freezes enemies in their tracks, and the Twin Shooter deals damage doubly. Finally the Audley Full Auto is, well just try it – we’re sure you’ll enjoy it.

Ricochet Rifle

  • Ammo: 120/00

Audley Full Auto

  • Ammo: 90/00

Chill Burster

  • Ammo: 90/00

Twin Shooter

  • Ammo: 150/00
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