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Monster Hunter: World - How to Obtain Any Eggs Faster During Mission

Written by YuukoJuliett   /   Sep 8, 2018    
Monster Hunter: World - How to Obtain Any Eggs Faster During Mission

This will give you tips and guide how to obtain the egg way easier and faster.

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Tips How to Get Your Egg Faster

Discovering monster nest is easy BUT when it comes to obtain the egg, hunter must carry it back to the campsite. For eggs, easy to claim but not easy be chase by its mother. They became rampage if their egg got stolen. They will chase you until they can shake off the egg and break.

There are tricks to obtain the egg in easy way. These are the tips:

1) Location:

Everytime a hunter discovered an egg, it will automatically marked on the map. The fastest way to obtain the egg must find the area that is near to the campsite. The best place to get the eggs at WIldspare Waste. *My recomendation of easy to get eggs*

2) No Mother on Sight:

This will take an advantage to claim the egg especially for the wyern eggs. *Caution of Monsters/Mother Nearby*

3) Use Ghillie Mantle:

This will make you hide from any monsters, even you carrying the egg everywhere they will lack of sense of your present. But beware of mantle duration. Time is important. Do not slide or roll, it will make the duration ends faster.

4) Roll Over All Through the Way:

This method will prevent for the mother to hit you *tips for not on Large Monsters*, the egg will not be break if you roll over. Be cautious also of your stamina, you will drop the egg if lost your stamina. Remember to eat first before obtaining the egg. *Another tips for Large Monsters, just ran or slide*

5) Elimination:

By killing the monsters, will clear your way to obtain the egg easily except Large Monsters. Be sure to remember the timing, the monster will resurrect if you taking long time to carrying the egg.

6) Bring Friends (Multiplayer):

Its easy for anyone of you volunteer to carry the egg while the others are trying to get the mother attention especially for the Large Monsters.

Written by YuukoJuliett.