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Clicker Heroes 2 - Let's Build a Bot (Automator)

Written by Remag   /   Sep 8, 2018    
Clicker Heroes 2 - Let's Build a Bot (Automator)


Automator works like a priolist. 1st come, 1st gets.

You have to follow some rules. Do not follow em and you can get stuck with automatization!

For example have a look on this stuck build: Placing at 1st automator "always" with a gemstone which has no cd (cool down time) is a realy bad idea! All other automations behind 1st place would never trigger!

Rule #1

And now the way to the final automator in my build. (When ever i tell you from "my build" then i mean the "multiclick/clickstorm build").

Place automators descending with cd...

Rule #2

Place gemstones with your prio but be aware of skill cd. This works but is not optimal.

It could happen that "always" never or a long time not trigger because automators before "always" triggers.

Rule #3

Forget all rules before - WTF >> or in another words >> prio is bigger then cd!

Lets explain!

Clickstorm >> Always.
I want to have clickstorm on cooldown.
In my build => clickstorm has at the moment a cooldown from 180 seconds - so there is enough time to trigger following skills.

Reload >> Energy less then 10%.
Energize >> 40 s cooldown.
In my build => energize has a runtime from 40s+ >> In this case i will have energy+ as long i got 25+ mana!

Now comes my damage skills descending order.
Huge click >> 10 s cooldown.
Big Clicks >> Monster Health Less then 50% (this needs to be replaced with a 8s timer).
Multiclick >> 4 s cooldown.

And why replace "Monster Health Less then 50%" against "8s"?
Because if each monster has less 50% life after a click the "multiclick" would never trigger!


  • You can turn on/off automators by standard default key 't'.
  • You can have more then one automator build.

Example for an AFK-Automation Build

"Always" goes from 1st place to last place and is replaced by a 90s automator at 1st.

The last 2 skills allow us to purchase new items from the shop and level them too. This will happen if no other skill will be triggered before.

Have fun!

Written by Remag.