Majula Frontier – Basic Gameplay

Explains basic game mechanics.


Read skill descriptions.

Skills sometimes gain different benefits depending on the type of skill the target last used. When you mouse over an enemy, the skill they last used will appear in the lower right corner of the screen. If no skill appears, it’s because they haven’t attacked yet.

Majula Frontier - Basic Gameplay

His last skill used is a support skill. If you were to use an attack like this (note the red underline):

You would not gain any kind of bonus.

Now if you were to use an attack like this (note the green underline):

You will gain a bonus.

In conclusion, read skill descriptions.

You can mouse over the buff and debuff icons to see exactly what they do.

Crafting, Better Stats

Leveling up a character is one way to improve their stats. Crafting new equipment is another way.

Open the Status menu and find the Item Craft option.

Majula Frontier - Basic Gameplay

If you’re holding any schematics, they’ll appear on the list.

Majula Frontier - Basic Gameplay

Select a schematic then follow the on screen instructions. You need to select 3 monsters parts, then press “Craft Item”. Secondary items are helpful but not required.

After you’ve crafted your items, go to the equipment menu and select a character. You can find their current equipment here:

Majula Frontier - Basic Gameplay

Clicking on an equipment slot will open an inventory for that specific type of item. Left click on an item to equip it.

You need to craft equipment if you want to succeed. If you ignore this mechanic you will die a lot and have a very bad time.

Crafting new weapons and equiping them will also give your characters new skills, making your characters much more flexible.

Dungeon and Town Guide

Dungeon Movements

When moving around a dungeon, you’ll typically be moving left and right, but you can also move forwards and backwards. This allows you to access certain exits that might not be immediately obvious.

The door on the right is an obvious exit:

Majula Frontier - Basic Gameplay

This door in the back might not be immediately obvious:

Majula Frontier - Basic Gameplay

These two trees also mark an exit:

Majula Frontier - Basic Gameplay

Other exits are sometimes marked with signs or open paths of grass.

The Town

Every area in the town can have 1 to 3 characters assigned to work at them. While they’re working the town, that character will gain experience and learn new town skills.

It doesn’t matter if they’re tired, sick or healthy, you should ALWAYS assign your idle characters to work at a town area. When you kill monsters during a mission, characters who have been assigned to work the town will earn 30 to 50% of the experience your main party earns. If you leave a character idle, you’re losing experience and gaining nothing.

Before you leave on a mission, always bop that assign button:

Majula Frontier - Basic Gameplay

The experience share rates are:

  • 50% for the Dragon Gate.
  • 40% for the Rear Gate.
  • 30% for all others.
  • General Party Setup.

All characters are viable, and while it’s probably possible to beat every encounter with any party setup, some setups are more effective than others.

When putting together a party, you’ll typically want the following skills/roles present within your party:

  1. A group heal.
  2. A single target heal. It’s possible to use a second group heal, but a single target heal is usually more effective.
  3. An ailment remover / curer.
  4. A heavy hitter (someone with a 170%+ damage skill that doesn’t require any buffs or special conditions).
  5. A buff remover.

Number 5 is not quite as important as the first 4, but it’s extemely nice to have, especially when fighting mid and late game bosses, or exploring specific regions.

One character can cover multiple roles, but it’s best to spread them out, especially healing.

Ailments, buffs and shreds are useful, but they can be situational, and they’re never really required, unlike the 5 items above.

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