The Culling: Origins – Quick Beginner Guide

Welp. It’s a beginner guide. It doesn’t really go that deep, but it should give a rough idea of what to do.

This Is a Quick Guide

This is supposed to get you started, not to tell you everything there is to it and go into too much detail. It is VERY basic and sometimes not that helpful. This is supposed to be a quick guide, no a good one. It might even lead you to do stupid things, but when you simply think about what you’re doing, you should do ok.

The Game

It’s simple, really. 16 people spawn into a set map at set locations, in solo it’s a kill everybody, in duo you have a friend, but coordinating enemys as well. You win by being not dead, a death is a loss. So just don’t die and you win. Easy.


All of them are purely cosmetic and dont give you an advantage whatsovever. So dont worry if you are naked, its the skill, not the skin that decide the victor. When you play a game, you earn exp, with enough exp you level up and get a cull crate, that contains 4 items including weapon skins, clothes, hairstyles, hats and culling cards, as well as taunts. None of them give you an advantage at all, so don’t worry, you buy crates to look cool, not to have 500% more melee damage or something.


Its pretty easy to understand, its just like rock-paper-scissors.
You can hit your enemy with whatever weapon you have. If he tries to hit you, you block. If he hits you when you block, he is stunned. Now you can land a charged attack safely to deal maximum damage.

If he blocks, you shove. That will stun him just like before, leaving him open for a safe charged attack. Be quick, if YOU’RE TOO SLOW he can block you, leaving YOU open for an attack. If you shove somebody while he attacks you, you take damage. Pretty simple, huh? Not really. You can cancel a charged attack into a block, if you want to avoid trading hits. It’s simple, just hold the block button(right mouse button by default) for a short moment, and you just cancelled your attack(YOU’re doing great). If you release the block button after that, you can shove. So you can charge an attack, if he blocks, you cancel into a block, then into a shove. That will give you the opportunity for a free hit if you are fast enough. So you can mind-game your way into your enemy’s head if done right. You can technically win a game without taking any damage.

Perks and Airdrops

But before you even start your game, you have to think about your perks. Take a good look at them and what they do. You can choose between specialisation and generalisation. For example: you can make a class with runs with knives, brutus and stealthy, but if you don’t have a bladed weapon, two of your perks are useless. If you have a knife, they are all active. Or, like I’m doing, running something that alway helps. Like Recovery, Immunity, and Golden Arm(Pls no abuse this thanks).

Before starting a game, you can pick an airdrop. With varying prices come verying degrees of usefulness and stuff in it. For example: sapper which you can call in for 205 func (thats a lot) has iron-4-skin(that reduces damage) and three sticks of dynamite. They deal 80 dmg max when you throw it right at an enemy when it explodes. That a very strong airdrop, but its also expensive. If you call in a bait crate(70 func), you dont get a thing. You can call as many airdrops as you can afford, and if someone is stupid enough to open one, it’ll explode and deal some serious damage. Everything is good if used right, so just pick one that suits your perks. Oh, and run surprise me! as your airdrop for your first few matches, so you unlock a few to toy around with. Also: If you call in your airdrop, it can be shot down by opponents, so watch out where you call it in, so you dont have your stuff stolen. But you can also shoot it down if you want your stuff to arrive quicker. You can do that by hitting it with anything, an arrow, a branch or a rock (don’t throw your weapon, if you miss the crate it’s gone, just pick a branch from the ground).


When looting you will come across these little syringy things, boosting your stats for a short time. If you take chemist as a perk, their active time triples. 2 minutes of boost turn into 6, 30 seconds into 90.

There are a few different stims, when you pick one up, try to remember the name and their effect(lower right on your screen). I’m just gonna make a short list:

  • Muscleman Milk (blue) (quick activation) 
  • Increases damage by 15% for 2 minutes.
  • Recycling return: 10 FUNC

  • Iron-4-Skin (green) (quick activation)
  • Increases defense by 15% for 2 minutes.
  • Recycling return: 10 FUNC

  • X-plosive Runs (bright purple) (quick activation)
  • Increases sprint speed by 15% for 2 minutes.
  • Recycling return: 10 FUNC

  • Stamina Shot (quick activation)
  • Massively increases stamina regen for 2 minutes.
  • Recycling return: 10 FUNC

  • Orange Juice (orange) (quick activation)
  • Increases damage, speed and defense for 15% for 2 minutes.
  • Recycling return: 30 FUNC

  • Med Kit (red) (long activation)
  • Returns health to full.
  • Recycling return: 20 FUNC

  • Hemo blast (dark purple) (long activation)
  • Increases max health by 10, heals for 10 hp, effect permanent.
  • Recycling return: 10 FUNC

  • Hemo drip (pink) (quick activation)
  • Heals for 5 hp on activation + 20 hp in the next 20 seconds.
  • Recycling return: 10 FUNC

  • Silent and deadly (grey) (quick activation)
  • Movement and crafting are nearly silent fow 2 minutes.
  • Recycling return: 10 or 20 FUNC (I don’t remember)


FUNC or Flexible Universal Nano Compound (just call it func thank you).
you start each game with 12 func. With func, you can use healing stations, open blue crates(those have either a weapon, a stim or an armor in them), call in your airdrop and (THIS IS KINDA IMPORTAT) crafting. You get 25 func for every kill, 5 func for entering a house(dont try this irl) and 5 func for crafting for the first time in a match. You also get a bit of func over time.


This is important as hell to win. You can look up crafting recipies when pausing, but you should just go into the training mode and do it there, in a match, just try to look up the one you need rn. You can craft alot of stuff, but the most important ones are: a crafted bandage from 2 branches, heals for 25 hp and stops bleeding, a satchel(3 branches), adding your fourth inventory slot if you dont have a backpack yet, or a satchel with a rock for some crafted armour, a knife(2 rocks) + branch can be made into a speer, with that and another branch you can craft a bow, yet another branch can be used to make more arrows, a branch and a red barrel can be crafted into a crafted explosive, its like a grenade with a five second fuze, trow it at enemys together or to start/leave a fight. As well as crafted caltrops, whenever you are in trouble, just throw them at the enemy’s feet, he’ll start bleeding and be slowed down, giving you enough time to run away or turn him into a corpse. There are a lot more things you can craft, but these are the absolute must-knows.

Training Mode

in the main menu, click on training, and join the training range, once you’re here, take your time and learn the items, their tier, what class they are in, and their effects(for example a tanto knife, tier one, bleed effect, fast). Some have two effects. Some weapons have special hidden effects, the camp hatchet can make a branch with two hits, the hammer makes a rock with two hits (both of them speed up your crafting), and the cainsaw is unblockable.

Before you hop into a game straight away though, play a few offline matches against bots. Just take the perk that lets you start with a man tracker and go from fight to fight, that should help you get a feel for the flow of combat before actually going into the arena.


This can go really into detail, but I’ll try to keep it as a early game tactic, because in mid and late game it’s more common sense than actual tactics. As soon as you spawn, look around, if you see a house, run into it, and grab a weapon. If there is an enemy nearby, pop a quick stim if you find one, and loot the house for as long as possible before actually fighting. If you need more inventory space, craft two branches(you get those from trees), make a crafted bandage out of two of them, and then craft it with the last branch. Congatulations, you have frafted a satchel! Now just equip it and you’re good to go. If you don’t see a house nerby, just take two rocks, craft a knife and start running to a house.


Try to not run around in open areas. You can get spotted and shot or chased, you really want to have the jump on enemies if you can. If you are being shot at, dont run in a straight line, run zickzack, to throw off their aim. And, if you are being shot at with a bow, you should run in a 90° angle around the player to his left, that way his bow will bock his vision, making you harder to hit.


There are three guns in the game. The SMG(low damge, high rate of fire, no that accurate, 20 rounds), the Revolver(medium damage, medium rate of fire, pretty accurate, 6 rounds) and the rifht(very high damage, low rate of fore, very accurate, 4 rounds). All of them are very dangerous in the right hands, they can decide a game(which you have maybe noticed) and they have two weaknesses: limited ammo and melee. Count the amount of shots your enemy has fired, if he runs out of bullets, he can’t shoot you anymore(duh). If you hit an enemy while he has a weapon in his hand, he will drop the gun, but this can also happen to you, so dont use your gun in very close range. This also applies to the bows, don’t forget that. You will also be disarmed when trowing a weapon and getting hit from a melee atack.

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