Frostbite: Deadly Climate – Locker Items

As the title says, this will contain the items of the 12 lockers.

So, I will be explaining the contents of the lockers, and bolding whatever is the same. Got it? Got it.

The Items

  • Locker A1: Health Drink, Caffeine Spice.
  • Locker A2: 2 Rifle Shots, Chem Fluid.
  • Locker A3: Energy Drink, Sweet Spice.
  • Locker A4: 2 Revolver Shots, Heat Drink.
  • Locker A5: Chem Fluid, 2 Shotgun Shots.
  • Locker A6: Gunpowder, Spicy Spice.
  • Locker B1: 2 Shotgun Shots, Chem Fluid.
  • Locker B2: Energy Drink, Spicy Spice.
  • Locker B3: 2 Revolver Shots, Health Drink.
  • Locker B4: Sweet Spice, Gunpowder.
  • Locker B5: Chem Fluid, 2 Rifle Shots.
  • Locker B6: Heat Drink, Caffeine Spice.

Fun Facts

  • I went into this blind on the possible fact that different game saves randomize these items, I will promptly delete this guide if I am alerted to this.
  • B6 is the only locker with both items on one shelf.
  • I froze to death while editing this.
  • There are only 5 obtainable lockpicks, despite there being 12 lockers.
  • This section is really stupid.

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