Airships: Conquer the Skies – Rifle vs. Musket

What is the diference between the Rifle and the Musket. No one really knows, but i’m here to tell you.


  • Cost: 17$ 
  • Piercing damage: 5 
  • Reload time: 1 second 
  • Clip size: 20 
  • Fire arc: 240 degrees 
  • Max acurate range: 1900 meters 
  • HP: 40 
  • Weight: 8 
  • Operators: One crew member 


  • Cost: 7$ 
  • Piercing damage: 9 
  • Reload time: 2 Seconds 
  • Clip size: 12 
  • Fire arc: 160 degrees 
  • Max acurate range: 450 meters 
  • HP: 40 
  • Weight: 10 
  • Operators: One crew member


The musket has more piecing damage, but less ammo. The musket is cheaper but has a worse firing arc and range. The musket is also heavier and has a 2 second reload, which is twice as much as the rifle. Some could argue that the musket is better for it’s price. But i think you should always use rifles unless you are conserving money or you have a lot of muskets.

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