Brawlhalla – How to Play: Cross Guide

This is a guide on Cross for Brawlhalla. It says tips and combos that I mainly use, and execute properly. Melee can be used on other legends such as Caspian, Wu Shang, Mordex, Val, etc. Special Move combos can only be used with cross, or you can change them around and use them for other legends stated above. Hope you learned something.

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Melee + Special Combos

  • A combo I use alot is the side melee attack, but once you slam them down, wait for them to get stunned into the air, and using his normal special. 
  • Using a Down melee slam and then using his side (left/right) Special Also works, Note that it is sometimes hard to do this one, due to the fact Most players dodge. 
  • If you’re facing a Pacifist play-styled player, try using his down special to grab them, and once they are in the air, jump up and do an up special to get them, Note: this one is also hard to land due to dodging. 
  • Last note, never ever spam with his side special. While this may give you the upperhand, its annoying to the opponent. 

Gun Melee + Special Combos

  • If you’re on a map with multiple layered platforms, try using his normal special, to get them up in the air, then proceed with jumping up, and doing a up special. Note: This works well with pacifist players. 
  • Never ever spam his gun moves, due to them being easily readable after a bit. 
  • Using his side special to latch onto the opponent, this will make them going flying, once they do, try keeping them off the edge with multiple down special attacks, never spam it as state in line ‘2.’. 
  • Using his down special, quickly use his side special, to get them off the edge, and keep them off, if they try getting back on, rapidly try jumping above them and using a down special. 
  • Dodging with cross gives you the upperhand, due to him having easy-2-master fighting styles.

Mixing It Up

Never spam cross’ moves, try mixing it up every so often to learn new combos and playstyles. Cross isnt mainly meant for a pacifist playstyle, hes meant for aggressive players. Don’t be afraid to hold back with cross, I once meant a High level cross who admitted he wasnt giving it his all, when he eventually did, he managed to do a 2v1 with 3 stocks of 3 stocks and win. This also goes for any legend in-game. And It goes you with In real life, dont hold back.

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