Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age – How to Get the Mooteorologist Achievement

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Mooteorologist Achievement

Awarded for hearing from every single weather reporter in the field.

There are several cows scattered about the land that, when spoken to, will tell you the weather. Talk to all of them to earn this achievement. They are located at the following marked locations:

  • Emerald Coast (#1) – You will find a Cow on the northwestern side of The Emerald Coast. If you have previously been to this area, simply head west.

  • The Manglegrove (#2-3) – There are actually two Cows in The Manglegrove. The first one is just past the camp site where the Woodcutter lives and the other just south near the toolshop. 

  • Laguna Di Gondolia (#4) – Just before you head to the swampy area of Laguna Di Gondolia, find your cow eating grass on the westernmost side of the map. 

  • Snaerfelt Region (#5) – From the campsite of Snaerfelt Region, head north and you will see the cow. 

  • Sniflheim Region (#6) – When you zoom in Sniflheim City, just go outside the town by going east and you will see the cow just outside the town. 

  • Southern Champs Sauvage Region (#7) – The easiest way to find the cow in Southern Champs Sauvage is by Zooming in Phnom Nonh and just outside the village, a little bit to the swamp, you will find your cow. 

  • Zwaardsrust Region (#8) – The Cow in Zwaardsrust Region can be found just south of The Warrior’s Rest Inn. 

  • Dundrasil Region (#9) – Zoom to the Dundrasil Campsite and just around there, you will find the cow near a tree. 

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