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WALL E - Cheat Codes

Written by The-Lost-Demon   /   Sep 20, 2018    
WALL E - Cheat Codes

Secret codes that you can activate on the "Cheats" section in the main menu.


You must put the codes in this order:

  • 1st: BOTOFWAR - Every enemy that gets colse to you will be destroyed except the invincible ones. 

  • 2nd: STEALTHARMOR - You become invisible. 

  • 3rd: RAINBOWLASER - New laser colour. 

  • 4th: EXPLOSIVEWORLD - Every trash cube becomes explosive (they also deal you damage). 

  • 5th: GLOWINTHEDARK - You light up in dark areas. 

  • 6th: BOTOFMYSTERY - You get some sweet ski glasses. 

  • 7th: GOLDENTRACKS - Your caterpillar tracks become golden.

Written by The-Lost-Demon.

Game:   WALL E