Breathedge – Achievements (Chapter 1)


All credit goes to Dyingdemon!

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Just keep Spitting at the Mob-bot untill you get. (Start of the video).


Cant miss this one, Just plug the hole with gum. (Around 3:20 in video).


Grab the hammer, hand written note, condom, and box of Novichok. Should give it to you as soon as the suit AI stops talking. (Around 4:20 in the video.. blazing I know).


Make the “Crap imposed by the devleopers” and use right click to hit youself in the head. takes 2-3 hits (try not to die) and it should give it to you. (Around 5:40 in the video).

Chicken Dielectric

Use your chicken to turn off the shorting electricity. It takes 3 shocks, so i recommend going to the space behind your shuttle for ease of access. (Around 6:25 in the video).


Go behind the astroid you crashed into. There is a mail section. There should be some underpants there. Grab them and the achievement is yours. I recommend having oxygen candles for this part. (Around 7:20 in the video).


Head to the section of the ship that has all the dummies in storage. 3 of them will have marker drawings on them. Inspect all 3 to get the achiement. (Around 8:48 in the video).

Puff of Gas

Get the Shawarma from the 2nd outside toilet. From there, build the Acceletrator. After using it for a total of 5 min, the achiement unlocks, should be easy if you get it early game. (About 10:18 in the video).


Almost impossible to miss. Head to the ship surrounded by red paint. go to the smuggler, and take his eye. The last achievement is yours. congratz! (Around 12:01 in video).

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