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» » SCUM - Locations Guide (Points of Interest)

SCUM - Locations Guide (Points of Interest)

By Arkos   /   Sep 25, 2018     Guides
SCUM - Locations Guide (Points of Interest)

Points of interest (bunkers, airfield, etc) location for using with #teleport.

How to use

I've pasted my char nick (Arkos) everywhere to copy-paste command. You can copy-paste too!

  • Copy #teleport command from here.
  • Press T to open "console" in-game.
  • Paste command there.
  • Double click "Arkos" and type your char name!
  • Press Enter!
  • Wait while the game loading new area.

Points of Interest

I've been to few of 'em. To the airport and few bunkers for now.

Airport is very rich for all the stuff you'll need. Bunkers are much safer and easier to infiltrate but got less stuff.

Also on airport you can loot hungars for infinity. Loot respawns while you making the row. Gonna describe it when I'l be there again and can take few shots to make it clear what the area I do mean.


Bunkers are surrounded by fence and few watch-towers and guarded by 2 mechas. One for each entry point:




SCUM - Locations Guide (Points of Interest)

Each bunker contains few small buildings on the ground site and large underground part.

What I've found inside

  • Military wear from vests and helmets to shirts and boots.
  • Weapons: AKM, AK-47, AKS-74U, MP5, TEC01 490, DE .50, DE .357, TEC01 M9.
  • All ammo: Dragunov, both AK, 9mm, 12 gauge, magnum etc. Boxed too.
  • Nades. Both.
  • Emergency bandages and packs, all kind of medicine except vitamins and charcoal.
  • Canned food, juices, soda, water.
  • Some crafting materials: a lot of duct tape, wires etc.
  • Toolboxes, lead, but found no powder or metal scrap - so no luck to craft ammo right there.

D4 Bunker

  • #teleport Arkos 407914.750 549896.813 15533.757 - Main gates.
  • #teleport Arkos 406099.938 555992.688 15910.750 - Bunker entrance.
  • #teleport Arkos 403918.781 552120.875 15659.399 - Inner area.

SCUM - Locations Guide (Points of Interest)

D3 Bunker

  • #teleport Arkos 146713.906 554053.938 23795.451 - Main gates.
  • #teleport Arkos 144793.938 550218.375 24258.139 - Crates.
  • #teleport Arkos 142510.078 546849.875 24664.586 - Entrance ground.
  • #teleport Arkos 138462.391 539151.000 24890.211 - Entrance shaft.
  • #teleport Arkos 139659.422 546046.500 25603.996 - Inner area.

C3 Bunker

  • #teleport Arkos 190775.422 291755.496 40238.469 - Entrance ground.
  • #teleport Arkos 195348.016 297315.219 39825.406 - Entrance shaft.
  • #teleport Arkos 189510.172 294817.469 40791.680 - Hungar.

End of the World

SCUM - Locations Guide (Points of Interest)
SCUM - Locations Guide (Points of Interest)
SCUM - Locations Guide (Points of Interest)

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Written by Arkos.