Sky Noon – Tips and Tricks

A collection of quirks, facts, tips and techniques about Sky Noon gameplay that aren’t obvious.

The Lasso

This might be the most important thing in this guide to know as a beginner or intermediate player.

Find the lasso hard to use? Stop leading your shots!

The lasso is a hitscan weapon, so despite the travel time all you need to do is press E (or whatever you bound lasso to) with your crosshair on an in-range player. As long as your target is in range and you didn’t miss, the lasso will automatically grab them and pull them towards you.


Press the melee key, default F, to do a weak, low-power hit. It is basically useless. However, if you grapple onto a player and melee, you will do a shoulder bash that moves you forward and does enough knockback to secure a kill if you’re not too far from the blast zone (blast zones are the areas around maps that define how far you must go to die). However, even the greatly increased knockback doesn’t make it anything but very situational expect for a situation that the next tip will describe.

Additive Knockback and the Grapple Melee Combo

As you know, all of Sky Noon’s weaponry knocks enemies back on hit. Most of these knockbacks behave in a simple way: the knockback force is added to the reciepent’s prexisting speed. This means that if you shoot some in the opposite direction than how they are moving, you will do less knockback depending on how fast they were moving. This also means that if you hit someone with more than 1 knockback in the same direction then the two forces combine and the recipent will move much faster than each of the knockbacks by themselves. So two hits in the same direction means one big hit that is equal to the knockback of both hits.

This rule has a few exceptions:

  • The machine pistol will cancel all prexisting movement. This is why rocket boots are not effective against a machine pistol: the MP cancels the force your boots are generating with every hit and you never generate any speed with said boots
  • The lasso, obviously, also cancels movement before pulling. It also pulls harder the farther away the target is when the lasso reaches them
  • The revolver works just like machine pistol: It also cancels existing forces before applying its own.

So while it is neat to know that in most cases you can apply two hits in the same direction and get a super-hit, situations where you could secure a kill by combining knockbacks aren’t that common, except for a slightly-unreliable interaction between grapple melee attacks and Shotguns (Revolvers and Hand Cannons can do this too but is not as extreme).

To pull of this combo, you must first not be the host of the game and not be in practice mode. This only works when you are connected to a server But if you aren’t the host of the game, which is always if you play on dedicated servers, you can hit someone with a shotgun, and immediately follow up with a grapple melee attack to send someone flying at very high speeds.

First you hit someone with your grappling hook. Once you are within range of the grapple melee attack (remember it pushes you forward) you must shoot your grapple target with a shotgun and hit them with a melee without letting go of the grapple (you will automatically stop grappling when the melee attack hits) before that have flown outside of your range. Basically, grapple to someone, and while holding the grapple shoot and immediatly melee them. This will blast them off almost too fast to recover from and works best from below. You will know it works because the kill icon shows a fist. This whole sequence can be done with the other weapons excluding machine pistol but is easier and drastically more effective with a shotgun.

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