Soda Dungeon – How to Beat Tengen and Demora

Just a quick guide on how to defeat tengen + demora before the warrior’s dimension.

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Demora (who is an old school RPG reference, fun fact) can only be hurt with the healer’s therapy skill (I believe, group heal/refresh may work as well), but either way, she can only take damage through healing. That said, since you have to start at level 491, you should take h/h/h/h/k. Equip knight with crit gear and surviability for no bad doors and to defeat the skeletons summoned by demora, and healers with mp/magic damage (for accessories maybe magic bottle, antimagic bottle, demon horn, etc.)

Once you get to her, heal party members only when you have to. the knight at this point is useful when she uses “Rise from the Grave” when she summons skeletons. Only attack the skeletons with the knight, and make sure you only kill one, and keep it that way so she won’t summon more.

That’s pretty much it. You could also subsitiute a healer with a dm for noxin. (You wouldn’t have necroblast yet, obviously).


Tengen can be harmed by any class, however, after the first round, he will kill all classes that aren’t fighters instantly. I repeat- ALL OF THEM. So you can’t take two healers and have them picked off in seperate rounds.

That said, this is pretty much one of the only times you should use the merchant. Since you have to start at 691, you should use h/f/f/f/m.

Equip everyone with the most crit gear you can. Piledrivers and dropkicks will be useless compared to a lvl 6/5 dagger and demon armor, plus leveled up crit relic/atk.

Once you get to 699, make sure all your fighters are at full health before killing the mobs. Finally, at level 700, here’s the gamble. Just go through normal round, strike only, and on the merchant, use the 50/50 skill. Here’s the RNG part. if it hits, 5000ish damage. If it doesn’t, you’re screwed. Anyway, after that he’ll kill healer and merchant, and from them you just gotta hope he uses fury chop a lot, giving you 3 or so turns to crit him to death. Good luck, this one is a lot more RNG than demora.

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