Valkyria Chronicles 4 – The Post-Game Cenotaph Feature

This guide will inform you about the Cenotaph feature unlocked post-game, as well as some secrets regarding it!

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So What is the Cenotaph Feature?

The Cenotaph feature is an option you can enter in Headquarters after you finish the game. Here, you can spend DCT to bring back allies from the dead. So in a sense, the permadeath system in this game is not a true-permadeath.

Honestly I haven’t reached a ‘cap’ for how much DCT it costs to bring an ally back to life. All I know is that the more an ally dies, the more you must spend. Let’s take of our squaddies and not find out how much that cap is, yes?

Or if you have a character you hate and use them to charge to the frontlines only for them to die ‘permanently’ well at least if you change your mind, you can bring ’em back.

A noteable character you can bring back is Minerva’s second-in-command, Christel and even Raz!

Other than the increased DCT cost, there is no penalty for bringing squaddies back from the dead.

Wait. I Can Bring Back Raz and the Person that Accompanied Him?!

Yes you can. Initially however, you can only bring back the person that accompanied him. You must fulfill a requirement before you can bring back Raz.

First, you must clear three hard skirmishes. If you tried unlocking Stahlschrott, which is by finishing one of the Hard Skirmishes, then you just need to do two more, which are on the same page as the skirmish required to unlock Stahlchrott.

Once you beat three hard skirmishes, you should get a prompt that says you unlocked an episode. This episode is “Smells Like Dad” found in Chapter 13. Simply watch the episode and you’ll also get a prompt that Raz’s name is on the Cenotaph, which means you can spend DCT to bring him back.

Don’t worry. He’s back with you for good, and so are the other characters you bring back.

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