Conan Exiles – Short Anti-Raiding Guide

Protect your stuff and learn to avoid being raided to death!


At first you should know that there are 3 building tiers in Conan Exiles and the first tier just provides security against beginners. For each tier you need better weapons to break trough.

  • Tier 1 Buildings – Sandstone (Stone, Wood and Fiber to build) – Iron Weapons to destroy. 
  • Tier 2 Buildings – Bricks (Logs, Bricks and Mortar to build) – Steel Weapons to destroy. 
  • Tier 3 Buildings – Steel – Steel buildings are not able to be damaged by Weapons and requires the use of explosive items.

You will need lvl 20+ to build tier 2 buildings so every advanced player with iron weapons can easily break through your tier 1 fortresses. You will take some time to get to lvl 20+ and when you get raided often it may be quite hard to get there. So the best strategy for tier 1 buildings ist to.

  • Check your Area. When you accidently build your base near a huge tier 2 or tier 3 base you will get raided constantly just because your existence “threatens” their territory and they don´t need to run long distances to raid you. 
  • Spread your loot: You should never store all your loot and special crafting stations in just one spot. Most people store everything in one spot and the raiders will probably leave when they looted your first loot room. 
  • Hidden buildings and loot rooms: You should build small hidden buildings (one foundation is enough) around your base to spread your loot and maybe store some starting gear for the case of a raided mainbase. Higher tier raiders won´t probably raid small 1×1 Buildings even if they find them, when they can raid your bigger main base. 
  • Never build just one wall or door: You should never protect your loot with just one wall or door. When the raiders need to break through multiple doors and walls it will take them much more time and you got time to react. Even when you are offline it provides more security because the raiders need much more effort to crack your base open and they maybe focus on easier tasks.
    This is especialy useful with tier 2 or tier 3 buildings. 

Stay Safe!

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