METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN – Unlocking Quiet’s Showering Cutscene

This guide will help you unlock the bonus shower cutscene (one of many Easter Eggs within MGSV: TPP).

How to Unlock the Cutscene?

To trigger the bonus cutscene with Quiet, follow the instructions below.


  • Max out your bond with Quiet to 100%.

Step-By-Step Walkthrough:

  • Take Quiet with you on a side-mission. You don’t need to do the side-mission. 
  • Just find a dumpster you like and get inside. 
  • Then smoke 4 Phantom cigars in a row. 


Now you smell like a hard-working man and flies are constantly buzzing over you. Don’t worry, they won’t fly away even during sandstorms.
Return to motherbase and see the cutscene.


  • If you encounter another cutscene upon returning to motherbase, you’ll have to do this method all over again. I would advice returning to motherbase again, to see if any other cutscenes are played, before trying this method (as it still takes some time to smoke). 
  • You can do a mission instead of a side-mission, just make sure it won’t trigger a cutscene upon returning to motherbase.
  • If you get your shower bonus cutscene and afterwards try the same method again, you will not be able to see the same cutscene with Quiet. Instead, another one will play (cutscene b). If you bring Quiet with you, upon landing a cutscene will play, but she won’t be in it at all. It will look like as if you didn’t bring her with you in the chopper.


Cutscene A (with Quiet):

Cutscene B (without Quiet):

Written by Erotic Foxtail

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