Warframe – Argon Farming Made Easy

Have you ever wished there was a better, more reliable way to get Argon Crystals? Well now there is.

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The Basics

All credit goes to DiamondSnatcher!

Argon Farming has always been an unreliable and tedious process. You go to the void, perhaps with a desecrate Nekros, and you run around the map looking for crystals. It takes about 20 minutes for a single run, and you may not even get the crystals you were after. However, there is a better way to do it. With this method, all you need is 5 minutes and a sentinel, for a reliably high chance every run. (There is still a chance you won’t get any, but it’s very slim).

What to Do

First, you are going to need to go to this mission right here.

Warframe - Argon Farming Made Easy

Hepit, in the void. It is a low level capture mission, and perfect for what we’re doing.

Next, equip a sentinel. It can be any sentinel, but if you have a Djinn with Reawaken, you might find it useful. You will need to add the following mods: Sacrifice and Spare Parts. Both should be max rank, for best results. This is my build.

Warframe - Argon Farming Made Easy

Next, the weapons. It doesn’t really matter what you use, but make sure you can complete the objective. The same goes for your Warframe, although if you have Nekros, you may be able to get more crystals per run.

Next, begin the mission. Find a room with a death orb wiith a laser, or just a laser plate. (If it is a death orb, you will find it convenient to destroy the rotation plate first.)

Warframe - Argon Farming Made Easy

Stand in the laser.

Warframe - Argon Farming Made Easy

Soon, you will die, and your sentinel will revive you, destroying itself. This will give you 45% chance to get an Argon Crystal. If you have a Djinn, this is why. With most sentinels, you will need to die and revive yourself to bring them back, but if you have a Djinn, it auto revives after 90 seconds.

Warframe - Argon Farming Made Easy
Warframe - Argon Farming Made Easy

You can do this entire process, including finishin the mission, in about 5 minutes.

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  1. One method that I like is bring Limbo with high efficiency, high range, high energy and low duration and mods that detect loot with a sentinel with vacuum and just cast cataclysm everywhere. I usually do this on Teshub

  2. I read comments in the wikia that the mod Spare Parts only works once per mission, and this statement was removed from the main article. So does it work more than once every mission or not?

  3. I run Teshub and destroy containers with a fast Loki + Thief’s Wit & Sentinel with Animal Instinct. 2-4 per 10min run but guaranteed.

  4. haha so i tried this and despite running mot for like 2 hours i got a single argon so i equipped all those mods and then i found 6 in a single run without my sentinal dying so yea tnx for the trick

  5. I literally just play survival in the void and others do the work for me. I don’t even go there for the argon, but I get it anyway because that’s what everyone else does.

  6. Wow, this is crazy! Getting a couple argon crystals in about 5 minutes? I’ll definitely have to try this!

  7. I just run void capture with saryn destroying everything with molt and I usually leave with 1-3 argons. But this is an interesting method, good job.

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