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Lovely Island - 100% Achievement Guide

Written by Glorinia   /   Oct 9, 2018    
Lovely Island - 100% Achievement Guide


  • Voyeurist – Too peek on Alice.
  • Robinson – Arrive to the island.
  • Mysterious Stranger – Visit the beach on the second day of arrival.
  • Mystery of the Island – Visit the light house twice.
  • Turn the Lights Off – Think about Alice, visit the light house and turn off the light.
  • Pantsushot – Visit a café on the first day of arrival.
  • Kleptomaniac – Steal twins’ panties.
  • Fanatic – Steal all the twins’ panties. 
  • Hot! – Activate the ventilator in the arcade.
  • Sensitive – Ai’s hobby is music, Mai’s hobby is dancing.
  • Bad End – You like Alice more, don’t activate the ventilator, go to the light house, don’t turn off the light.
  • New Home - Get on campus. 
  • Alice - Finish Alice's route. 
  • Twins - Finish twins' route. 
  • Sophie - Finish Sophie's route. 
  • Arcade - Visit the arcade. 
  • Lighthouse – Visit the lighthouse. 
  • Beach – Visit the beach. 
  • Lovely Island – Visit all locations of the island. 
  • Protagonist – Name the protagonist. 
  • Android – Think about twins, go to the cafe.
  • Camouflage – Think about twins, don’t push the button, go to twins room, search, look on the items in the room.
  • Photo Session – Think about Alice, don’t, push the button, go to the light house.
  • Neko's Mascot – When searching Ai’s pendant you found the talisman in the bushes.
  • Savior – Think about twins, push the button, search the twins’ room, go to the arcade.
  • Beach Party – Attend a beach party. 
  • Fireworks – Launch fireworks. 
  • Alternative Ending Sophie – Don't visit the beach twice.

Written by Glorinia.

Game:   Lovely Island