Mark of the Ninja – Costumes (Remastered)

There are 3 challenges in form of seals in every level. Accomplish 3 of the same type to unlock a costume.
One of the five seals does not unlock a costume, it’s for people which just want to accomplish all of them (I added its image to the basic costume, just for completeness).

Path of the Ninja

  • 1 Attack item.
  • 1 Distraction item.
  • This is the starting outfit.
  • Ninja Seal.

Path of the Mark

  • Mark of Serenity allows the player to teleport.
  • 1 Attack item.
  • No distraction item.
  • Gained during the game when the final tattoo is applied.

Path of Might

  • Due to the fact this costume is a suit of heavy armor: More health + Easier target knock-downs + No time-freeze in focus-mode.
  • Assassinating a target replenishes health.
  • 1 Attack item.
  • 1 Distraction item.
  • Gained by completing three ‘Combat’ challenges.
  • Combat Seal.

Path of the Hunter

  • Assassinations no longer require a contextual button press.
  • 2 Attack items.
  • No Distraction item.
  • Items are not replenished when reaching a checkpoint (you can replenish your items at any supply-point by selecting the same costume again).
  • Gained by completing three ‘Aggression’ challenges.
  • Aggression Seal.

Path of Silence

  • Footsteps completely muffled.
  • No sword.
  • No attack item.
  • 2 Distraction items.
  • Gained by completing three ‘Stealth’ challenges.
  • Stealth Seal.

Path of Nightmares

  • Assassinations (and finding dead bodies) can terrorize guards.
  • 1 Attack item.
  • No distraction items.
  • Gained by completing three ‘Terror’ challenges.
  • Terror Seal.

Path of Wisdom

  • No sword; you have a non-lethal takedown (enemies can still be killed through indirect means or attack items).
  • No time-freeze in focus-mode.
  • Item quantities are doubled.
  • Replenish two of every item when reaching a checkpoint.
  • No farsight.
  • Gained by completing the mission: A Tale from the Past.
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