Conan Exiles – How to Change Shield and Gear Durability

For solo player and server admin, if you want more durability to your shield, armor and weapon, edit the file:

Conan ExilesConanSandboxSavedConfigWindowsNoEditorServersettings.ini

And add or edit this settings:

  • DurabilityMultiplier=0.005
  • ShieldDurabilityMultiplier=1.50

Then edit the propriety of this file by right clicking and check “read only” to avoid any automatic update of this values by the software 😉

DurabilityMultiplier is for general durability of weapons and gear
ShieldDurabilityMultiplier is another multiplier only for shield. Lower is the number, more durable is the item.

Those number are my actual preferences, it’s a good balance for soloing.

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