Zone of the Enders The 2nd Runner Mars – Memorizing Pro Controls Subweapons

Please note: all credit goes to UnKnown_Drive!

A visualization and description of how the new subweapon system works in ZOE MARS, to help you memorize where everything is to switch between them quickly.


Zone of the Enders The 2nd Runner Mars - Memorizing Pro Controls Subweapons

The white boxes just show the equipped subweapon, so I blanked them out to avoid confusion.

You access this menu by holding any of the directional buttons. The full menu will flash for a second, then just the menu of the assigned directional. You then let go of the directional and press the directional of the subweapon you want. Pressing the directional of the equipped subweapon closes the menu.

From the default subweapon of each directional (explained below), which the game usually sets it to outside of the story, the pattern of switching seems to be: Right, Left, Up, using the equipped subweapon as a base. Therefore, quick switching for each directional is as follows:

  • Top: Phalanx (Default), F.Mine, M.Shield, Phalanx, etc.
  • Right: Gauntlet (Default), Halberd, Wisp, Gauntlet, etc.
  • Left: Geyser (Default), Decoy, V.Cannon, Geyser, etc.
  • Bottom: Comet (Default), H.Missles, 0 Shift, Comet, etc.
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