MapleStory 2 – Beginner’s Full Guide (Mesos Farming, Classes & More)

This guide is for everyone! Both Veterans and Beginners, will learn how to make & earn; Mesos, Equipment, how to choose the right class to play.
I will cover up the weaknesses and strengths of each character and try to help you choose whatever you’d like.

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The Game Overall

The first thing you need to know (If you’re an old mapler) is that this game really encourages party play, and in some events, it’ll even demand it since that’s the main idea for now to stick with,if you try to play by yourself it would be impractical, or possible, but very ineffiecent. plus, it’s more fun to play with friends obviously..

Unlike in the first game, where everything was self-grind and no interaction with other people whatsoever, beside asking your friend to carry you once in a while for the end game gear and through that play the game solely alone.

But this game will allow you to be more open with other people and consider making a lot of friends. gj nexon, for once you’ve done something for people’s sanity.

And if you have a hard time to find people to play with, just go approach random people in-game and ask them to join you on your journey.

Today we are evolving around social media and public communication hubs (discord, and more), So it’ll be easier for all of you to reach out to other people who would like to play with you.

Leveling, Gear Score, Dungeons

In terms of leveling, you should pretty much choose the option of doing the Main Story until level 50, the quest lines are a really optional thing to do. In the community itself, nobody really found an efficient way to level up, (there are ways, but really ineffiecent), so until we get another way around it, the main quest lines should prepare you with mesos and potions so that you won’t have to worry about your progression if you’re not choosing a class who really rely on healing.

I’m not sure what Nexon is gonna do about training from 50-60, but dungeons are optional to level yourself up from 50-60.

Rush to level 50 as soon as you can then immediately get your gear score to 1500, you need that so you can access the main point of the game’s content. To get that required gear for 1500 gear score you would want to do the dungeons pretty often. you don’t have to do a lot of them, just a few will be enough to get your equipment.

Another cheesy way you can get your gear to get to a score of 1500 is simply buy all of your stuff from the Black Market, Every blue gear is at least 15-30k mesos, but that’s if you have enough mesos for that and I recommend saving your mesos for future events. And that way you can bring yourself closer into accessing the lvl 50 dungeons.

Once you have accessed the lvl 50 dungeons you would want to clear dungeons 10 times a day to 30 times a week to get as much equipment as you can. making effort to turn all of your equipment in your inventory to Blue (Blue means exceptional, which is better than the Green equipment that you have in your early game).

Tronix Bunker is the most recommended dungeon.

And, if you have any Epics that aren’t weapons then you should equip them. keep farming dungeons until you get enough Onyx Crystals & Catalysts to enhance your Epic gear.

In Maplestory 2, there’s no Scrolling system or at least it doesn’t have the same enchantment system like in GMS. (The First game). So what you wanna do is get enough Onyx crystals and sometimes even Chaos onyx crystals to enhance your gear by pretty much a good amount for your base stats.

There are two types of weapon enhancements:

  • The first one: you have a set chance to pass the enhancement with the rate decreasing with the more enhancements you have.

MapleStory 2 - Beginner's Full Guide (Mesos Farming, Classes & More)

  • The second one: it’s a 100% chance to pass the enhancements, but it costs a lot more (4x times the amount needed in the first way I explained ^). So what I recommend is that you should enhance your gear until the rate of success drops to 30% then switch to the second way.

MapleStory 2 - Beginner's Full Guide (Mesos Farming, Classes & More)

Getting the materials for enchanting is through dismantling, disenchanting, or whatever. Dismantling equipment is the most effective way to get Onyx crystals, any other equipment you don’t need, should be dismantled to get Crystals and chaos onyx crystals. You can buy the onyx crystals through the black market if you feel like you don’t have enough equipment to dismantle.

But to gain a good amount of onyx crystals is to run a lot of dungeons and what you get is a box full of rewards you get from completing dungeons for “x” amount of times. The only thing that is hard to get is the Chaos Onyx crystals, which you get from dismantling the Epic gear, but that is not recommended in some cases. But you won’t need to worry about it until the late game.

What you do after that is keep getting Epic gear so you would reach 2100 Gear score and get access to the harder Dungeons, “Fire Dragon” and “Temple of Immortals”, they give you a lot of Epic gears that you can equip/disenchant, and reach around 3000 gear score so you would be able to after the new dungeons for level 60.

Try your best to collect as many trophies as you can, some of them may give you some neat stuff, and Some will give you Skill points, which is a *MUST* have for your progression, those skill points may not have an effect on the early game, but as you progress you’ll see the difference!

Another thing to look out for, is doing Daily missions (For level 50+) ,Those missions will give you a good amount of onyx crystals which you could use to enhance your equipment, so don’t pass it up!

But most importantly, don’t rush anything here, remember, while the game is still new and people are seeking for power sources, have fun while you’re playing, this is not a marathon, you will not get left in the dust because the game is still fresh!

Class’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Which one do you play then? I’ll explain to you in an easy way after I’m done explaining about the Strengths and weaknesses of each class. A general rundown!


MapleStory 2 - Beginner's Full Guide (Mesos Farming, Classes & More)

Long range hard hitters who sport massive damage and attack speed but sacrifices speed and durabillity. Rangers are a fast and flexible archers that have a wide plethora of skills that launch a bunch of arrows to do a massive amount of damage, they are one of the most consistent dps classes in the game and they take a huge advantage against monsters and bosses who doesn’t have gap closers and can’t get close to you as much as they should. but that being said they ARE squishy without a good gear that will cover you up, but even with that hefty gear, you will still be the squishy class, the good side is that archers have the longest glide/dash of 7.5 blocks in the game, which is must farther than any other class can dash. They can only use it once tho, unlike other classes, who can use 3 times. so you have a good escape plan with the dash but make sure to use it properly or you will be punished for that for being mispositioned. your low defense will make sure that you will get punished for being at the wrong place.

Archers are also good because of their “Sharp Eye” Skill, which is a buff that scales up the ciritcal rate and accuracy, exteremly beneficial for party members and in dungeons. Hard to play, but a rewarding class.

Heavy Gunners

MapleStory 2 - Beginner's Full Guide (Mesos Farming, Classes & More)

Heavy gunners choose power over the consistent attack speed, making them have a strong waveclear aswell as being good against any bosses.

Heavy gunners can outdamage Archers. While archers are quick on their feet, heavy gunners would choose to stay in one place and shoot out blasts of death at their opponent, making their total overall DPS much higher, so if you keep a good safe distance between you and a boss, you would be able to unleash an amazing amount of damage.

Another benifit is that they have a small healing kit that they can drop for themselves or allies, but it should be taken only by the heavy gunner since he’s doing all the working damage, he has to stay safe, it may not be reliable as Priest’s healing, but it’s a good add to Heavy gunner’s kit.

Please be careful when playing with Heavy gunners, their long animations and low movement speed making them extremely varunable to attack so make sure you know where you stand when activating skills and position yourself well, they are not AS consisted as rangers when it comes to keeping your distance.

Very powerful, Fun, and can carry!

Warriors: (Berserker, Runeblade, Knight)

Warriors are literal brutes that like to dive face-first into danger, being bulky and steadfast, tanking most of the damage but dealing equal damage in return, Warriors protect at the same time the less bulky classes and often saves them from boss aggros.


MapleStory 2 - Beginner's Full Guide (Mesos Farming, Classes & More)

Nasty warriors. Super Nasty. They take as much damage as they deal, they don’t need any strategy whatsoever and deal with their problems straight on, they just tear stuff up and hoping they won’t get killed that way. They are both durable and hard hitting, they have a good waveclear that could help a lot in your storyline and overall dealing a good amount of damage.

You get to engage first along with your Knight and love to tear stuff up as their name implies. Berserkers are not as tanky but they’re one of the best melee damage dealers in the game. Almost all their attacks takes a LOW amount of Spirit, allowing you to spam their abillities, it makes them great for consistent DPS and make them the “uncontested” class for waveclearing.

Not recommended for starters! Why? As good as their DPS, they are very demanding on HP, they require you to stand on a really low HP to maximize the burst and output damage.

Their tankiness stands out for their names, their base armor is amazing, but even so, it is not recommended for people who are still struggling or don’t know when to back out and heal and when not to heal.


MapleStory 2 - Beginner's Full Guide (Mesos Farming, Classes & More)

Like… what the.. ..sheesh. just.. w–wow. A meat shield, a literal walking solid titanium. Unkillable,bulky AF, as expected, they can meat-shield so much damage for the party, a good class to orginize rates because of how much they can take. Knights comes armed with party resistances and reducing incoming damage, and even having a good amount of crowd control such as knockback and armor shred.

They can make allies invincible to some attacks, which is paramount for strong bosses that have powerful burst attacks that can’t even be dodged.

Knights can deal their own amount of damage! But. Less. While not being as offensive as berserkers they can still dish out a good amount of damage, nethertheless they are still as good as priests, they have a lot of buffs, and sometimes a Knight would be required in your team.


MapleStory 2 - Beginner's Full Guide (Mesos Farming, Classes & More)

These guys are full-on melee DPS classes that uses elements to imbue their sword to have varying effects based on which element you choose, but whether you choose Fire, Ice, lightning, Runebladers have the potential to completely decimate everything they run into with style.

Runebladers are not tanky, you should consider them as playing a rogue or archer if you want to keep yourself from dying almost instantly.

Having a mix of long range attacks, Runebladers can definitely adapt to situations. Fire, Ice, Lightning Chargers alter your abilities making you a very versatile class since every skill that changes counts as a brand new skill which is a similar based property, as a result Runebladers are a fun class to play since you have to Mix up depending on how many enemies your facing and how strong they are.

They have one of the best wave-clear, while that being said, they are selfish in terms of not having any party utility buffs and not being very tanky either. They do have some skills that can block damage but not enough to block the role of being a frontliner class.

Runebladers are the lone wolf edgy solo players. if you fit into that category, they’re for you. Strong but squishy.


MapleStory 2 - Beginner's Full Guide (Mesos Farming, Classes & More)

Wizard are sort of offensive type of class, they have a lot of tricks up their sleeves, fun to play since you can interchange your skills and adapt to almost any situation you’re stuck in.

Unleashing all chaining skills can result in doing massive damage, they’re both good in Bossing as much as they are good in mobbing. They have good elemental coverage ranging from fire to ice to lightning and also you have all ends tied up. Wizards are meant to be mobbers having AoE attacks and debuffs such as freezing and burning, Having some buffs, but they are very squishy.

Magic guard does not exist in Maplestory 2 so if you’re not careful, you’re plum gone dad-gum did it now son. They have the lowest Max HP in the game making you exteremly attracted (not in a sexual way) to bosses.


MapleStory 2 - Beginner's Full Guide (Mesos Farming, Classes & More)

An amazing class! Overall gameplay is so good.

From an offensive standpoint priest are the weakest, they will not get anywhere, (maybe, but hardly), without anyone helping in bosses and more. Priest’s abillities have low base damage and while you do have a stable damaging spell, don’t expect being as good as a Berserker or Assassin but what’s good about Priests is that they have a good set of support skills such as Spirit regeneration, movement speed buffs, boosting defense, healing, tons of healing, you’re a literal walking potion, making you able to tank a lot while healing, a Priest who forgives other’s mistakes and heals them makes the perfect class for every party and is very reliable to all.

Best practical class in the game, this class can get to their job properly. No one can fill a priest’s job.

Rogues: Clever, shrewd, sneaky, speed over power. Very enjoyable.


MapleStory 2 - Beginner's Full Guide (Mesos Farming, Classes & More)

Expect to be flashy, to do the most damage in the game (In the late game, lvl 55-60, with all end game gear). Mid Ranged attack damage carry with heavy emphasis on solo performance. They are strong in the hand of a skilled player but unforgiving in the hands of a new player

Assassins have the highest DPS in the game, no arguing about it, it’s all true, proven. They have access to 100% crit rate, you can chain a lot of skills together and that’ll make your finger dance a lot, expect to deal the most damage in any fight. They also have the best combat dash mobility in the game that allows them to fast reposition to keep their distance.

Assassins are challenging because they’re mid ranged, so while they have distance, it’s not really far enough to be safe so they rely on consistent moving/dashing/kiting to make sure they survive.

Assassins are not the best waveclear class since their main AoE abilities have moderate cooldowns, so you’ll have to use the basic attacks most of the times and sometimes make sure the AoE skills lands on all of the mobs.

They have a good DPS but people should know when it is the best time to unload all of the skills and bursts, they require a lot of repositioning to avoid taking heavy damage and have high Spirit costs for skills, but very fun tbh.

Thieves! … eh. no. please, no. Thieves are not good, they require too much effort for what little game, the only thing good about them is the poision damage that could add up, that’s it, nothing more, if you decide to play Thief, you are planning on getting your body well done with true damage. Literally what little damage, with no defense. No arguing about it, all of us know it.

Look, as what I said, I’m not hating on people or the class itself being bad, I just don’t think they are a good class for people to play, they are not rewarding ….for those who do wanna play thieves, go ahead, I can’t tell you not to play them, but you are just setting yourself up to a bad future, a really hard one.

How To Make Mesos!

We all know you need mesos to progress in the game. But we have our ways! Let me share them with you.

Note that you need to have a Level 50 character with 1500 gear score.

The first way is simply to level up your character, the storyline will provide you with about 1-2m mesos after you finish it all, and that’s a good amount of headstarters. with that amount, you’ll have plenty to spend on blue items or whatever you feel like.

Also, consider making alt accounts early on for dungeon grinding and daily quests. The storyline is the same btw!

Daily missions! There’s the “Get rich” Tab you get 3 quests everyday that resets at certain times. These quests are really easy to finish, they’ll only demand going from place to place, and that’ll be super easy if you have access to air taxi which everyone gets throughout the storyline (It’s not unlimited tho), you can teleport all over maple world and complete the quests in a couple of minutes FLAT. completing those quests will reward you with mesos chests that contains 1k mesos pouch, 5k, 10k, 50k, 100k, and even 500k. So if you level a couple of alt accounts and do those quests on each character, you’ll end up doing a lot of mesos. The goodside is that the missions will not require you to have any spesific gear or any gear score, so it’s a good consistent way to make your mesos.

Next method is dungeon farming, it’s the best way right now to make mesos, you can do 10 times a day, 30 times a week from each character.

Most recommended dungeon is Tronix bunker. It’s a fast paced dungeon run that you can finish in about 3-6 minutes with a good team composition.
You’re garunteed to get your class’s equipment, you won’t get any other class’s equips so that’s good. not only that you can also get dungeon chests that gives you onyx crystals and other enhancement items, that’s important for later.

Onyx crystals are being demanded by everyone, selling them should be easy, but… how do you even get them? The dungeon runs that you do will provide you with a lot of equips, and you’ll end up having spare equips that you won’t need since you already gotten your full blue set, after that, you can easily go and dismantle it to get a good amount of onyx crystals and sell it afterwards.

If you get an epic drop from the Normal dungeons , they will be tradeable and can be sold for a good amount of mesos, 11-30m mesos, but you’re better off firstly equipping them since you need to increase your gear score.

Last method (Is kind of “Pay to win”, not really tho).

Fishing. Fishing can give you some good profit if you use high level gear , and you can pay with merets to do it automatically, even so, it doesn’t give you a lot anyways. inconsistent. Right now, there isn’t much to do, you can’t farm mesos from mobs since Nexon nerfed it to counter-act botting.

In conclusion, level up, do dungeons, sell equipment, do daily missions and more and repeat.

Tronix Bunker Dungeon Guide

Okay, This dungeon is very important because you won’t have enough gear score to do the Hard dungeons. Hard dungeons requires gear score of 2100, and if you just reached level 50, you won’t enough gear score to start running those Hard dungeons, so in my opinion I think Tronix Bunker is the best, it’s clear time can reach out to 4 minutes -/+ if played right, so that way you can maximize your dungeon runs efficiently.

Let’s hop right into the tips of clearing the dungeon.

When you’re first introduced to the two first mini-bosses after entering the dungeon you are able to skip the cutsence and walk right after pressing ESC (to skip the cutscence) even before the screen goes back from the mini-bosses to your character, that way you can just maximize your speed.

And on the first stage, do NOT fight any of the mobs you’re up against right after starting the dungeon, remember, that it is not required to proceed. all you have to do is just hit the switch and only then you will be able to continue.

Right after that, you’ll have the same thing but with two switches instead of one, as said above, just ignore the monsters and hit the switches.

Now this is the most important part that you do not want to skip.

Right after hitting the 2 switches you need to grab the batteries on the ground,
(one for each member of the party) and that is super important because when you will proceed to the mini-bosses on the portal ahead, you can actually throw these batteries at the mini-bosses and ideally you want to hit BOTH of them by throwing it between the two bosses and it’ll deal around 68k-70k dmg. have that amount of damage multiplied by 4 since we’re assuming that all the members are holding a battery to throw at the mini-bosses. It’ll help you clear the stage super fast, no doubt.

So after you killed the two of them, you will enter the next stage, the final boss.
He is not tricky at all and very easy to dodge once you get the hang of his attacks.

His first and basic attack is “marking” you with a flashlight, or more like, the place he’s going to shoot his cannons at, it has a delay so you can just walk out of it with your dash.

Another attack is his landmines. when he deploys his landmines, note that it will never land on your directly if you haven’t moved from your place. The boss is just gonna try to lure you into it.

A third attack of his, is his “beam” attack, he’s charging up his laser cannon and then shoots it from his close ground to far away and you’ll see red squares that will damage you if you keep standing on those red blocks. those red blocks are created from his laser beam that he fired.

Another attack he can preform is a “rush” attack. He would float in place, charging up his speed and then just fly straight towards you. once again, it’s very easy to dodge if you time it properly because sometimes he would redirect to your position again before he launches forward to you.

And at the end of his dash he will leave a “cross” (more like a + than a cross) on the ground, that turns into fire, and again, it will turn red so you would notice and have time to move away.

The next attack that he uses is a bunch of scattered lasers that he shoots. It has no crowd control, meaning you can just face tank it, and it’s hitbox is somewhat weird since it sometimes (and it happened to me) just passes through you without dealing any damage to you.

The next move is the most deadliest one but again, easy to dodge.
The boss will jump to the very corner of the screen, (upper left, right, or bottom left/right) and shoot up a map-wide laser beam across the map, after that, he will jump to another corner and will shoot another one to create a big X that will leave a trail of fire, so do not stand on it :3 . Right after that he will jump to the middle and just stand there and do nothing for about 3 seconds or just spam his landmine attacks, and while he’s at it, it’s your chance to dish out a good amount of damage before he jumps anywhere else.

Written by Kai

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