Rainbow Six Siege – Every Operator in 3 Sentences

I’m gonna keep this as short as possible to let you at least know how every operators work. Don’t expect any in-depth stuff from this at all. This is aimed for beginners that’s still learning the basics of the game.



  • He can blowtorch through reinforced walls to make small holes to peek and shoot through. 
  • Try to catch him offguard while he’s burning a hole with his torch. 
  • He’s Overpowered.


  • When you see a timer on the top of your screen counting down quickly find a safe spot to hide. 
  • Once the timer goes off, don’t move unless you’re getting shot at or you’re sure they’ve found you. 
  • If you move while his ability is active, you position will be revealed. 


  • Her boost’s area of effect is global. 
  • Her boost gives her teammates 25 shield, Movement speed and Recoil Reduction. 
  • If her teammates are injured, her boost revives the injured teammate. 


  • She can make phone calls to everyone on the defender’s team to give out their location. 
  • She can have access to the defender’s cameras after interacting with a dead defender operator. 
  • Her phone call doesn’t work on Echo. 


  • She can fire concussion grenades that temporaily deafen the defenders, also causing them to be half-blind and experience dizzying effects. 
  • She can fire grenades similar to impact grenades to open holes through breachable surfaces. 
  • She can recover really quickly from concussion effects. 


  • She can throw a flashbang, except that it flashes several times in a row. 
  • She can also stick her flashbang on breachable surfaces. Flashing enemies on the other side. 
  • She won’t get blinded by her own flashbang. 


  • He can trace defender’s footprints. 
  • He can reveal defender’s identity and location by scanning their footprints 
  • Mute jammers disables his ability to track footprints. 


  • Hibana can break through reinforced walls with her pellets. 
  • Her pellets opens a small rectangular hole but she can fire several of them to make a larger hole. 
  • Bandit’s shock wire or Mute jammers can disable and destroy the pellets. 


  • Fires a bolt that deals damage to defenders in area of effect. 
  • He can also fire a smoke grenade. 
  • He can’t make a headshot with his crossbow. 


  • He can place a bulletproof shield on top of his weapon. 
  • When he’s aiming with his sight’s, the shield will protect his head from headshots. 
  • Blackbeard + Crouch + Highground = Profit. 


  • His shotgun can shoot through non-reinforced walls, floors and ceilings. 
  • With that being said, don’t stay near breachable surfaces. 
  • Master of wallbangs. 


  • His hammer can be used to break through breachable walls and floors. 
  • His hammer can also be used to destroy deployables. 
  • He’s vulnerable while using his hammer, since it takes so long for him to take and swing it. 


  • He can throw an EMP grenade to disable any electronic devices in range. 
  • This includes Cameras, Sights, Pulse’s heartbeat sensor, and even Vigil’s ability. 
  • Focking laser sights. 


  • She can use breaching rounds to break through breachable surfaces. 
  • Breaching rounds can be used to destroy deployable shields or barbed wires. 
  • Bandit’s shock wire and Jager’s ADS can destroy her breaching rounds. 


  • His exothermic charge can break through reinforced walls, very loudly. 
  • He’s vulnerable while placing an exothermic charge. 
  • Bandit’s shock wire and Mute jammers can disable and destroy his exothermic charge. 


  • Grenades and Well placed Nitro cells can ruin his day. 
  • He’s vulnerable from behind. 
  • He won’t get knocked back by melee attacks effectively if he extends his shield. 


  • Her drones can deal damage to enemies, deployables and cameras. 
  • Mute’s gonna leave the game. 
  • Her drones can’t jump. 


  • His flash shield can be used to temporaily blind defenders. 
  • Unlike any other shields, he can sprint with his shield up. 
  • Mute jammers can disable his flash shield’s active if he’s in the area of effect. 


  • She can scan for electronic devices. 
  • This includes Bomb and Biohazard Containers. (Objectives in Bomb and Secure Area).
  • She can’t detect gadgets that don’t run on power. Such as Frost’s welcome mats. 


  • He can place Cluster Charges on breachable surfaces, popping grenades to the other side. 
  • It can injure and kill defenders on the other side, also destroying deployables. 
  • Infamous for killing hostages. 


  • His scope comes with thermal sights, allowing him to see enemies more clearly. 
  • His scope can see through smokes. 
  • Details. 



  • Her shield is extendable, like Montagne’s. 
  • But unlike Montagne, she can be knocked back slightly with melee attacks. 
  • She can’t shoot while she’s holding her shield, but her shield can slow and deal damage. 


  • He can place cameras. 
  • His cameras can be used to shoot targets. 
  • His cameras can’t be destroyed by gunfire or melee hits. But can be destroyed by Sledge hammer. 


  • She can place clones of herself. 
  • Shooting the clone will reveal the attacker. 
  • The same goes if attackers tried walking through the clone. 


  • Vigil can use his ability to be invisible from cameras and drones. 
  • However, his footsteps can still be heard. 
  • Interference border will appear around the edge of the camera screen if Vigil is invisible but nearby. 


  • She can throw concussion mines that works like Zofia’s concussion grenades. 
  • Her mines are quite small, so they aren’t easy to find. 
  • Ela herself can also recover from concussion effects really quickly. 


  • He can place poison darts on floors, that’s so small it’s almost invisible. 
  • Poison darts deal damage per second and causes the attack to lose the ability to run. 
  • The effect ends after the attacker pull out the dart from his leg. 


  • She can place one-sided-mirrors that are also bulletproof. 
  • Banned in almost every game in competitive play. (Tournaments).
  • Be careful if she placed her mirror beside a breachable wall, she will shoot you through it. 


  • Defender’s version of Twitch 
  • His drone can hover and stick on ceilings. 
  • His drones can temporaily cause dizzying effects to enemies in range. 


  • While her ability is active, her footsteps are really quiet. 
  • She can injure her target then interact with him/her to execute him/her. 
  • After executing her target, all the attacking operators and position will be revealed. 


  • She can place cameras. 
  • 1440p HD cameras running with constant 300 FPS and 0.1 m/s ping. 
  • She can break a barricade and throw her camera outside the objective building for spawnpeek. 


  • Her welcome mat can immediately injure an attacker that stepped on it. 
  • But her welcome mat is really huge and easy to notice. 
  • She will most likely place them behind deployable shields and below barbed wires to hide it. 


  • His jammers can disable any electronic devices in range. 
  • Because of how loud his jammers are to drones, Mute’s existance can be revealed by attackers before the match even starts. 
  • Try destroying the jammer that’s disabling your device, but make sure nones around to kill you. 


  • He can deploy poisonous smoke that deals damage in the affected area. 
  • Including his own teammates, but not himself. 
  • What’s in the canister? 


  • He can place reinforced barricades instead of wooden barricades. 
  • Reinforced barricades take 12 melee hits to break instead of 3. 
  • A hole around the size of bullet hole is made after hitting reinforced barricades with melee hits. 


  • He can scan for heartbeats through walls, ceilings and floors. 
  • In short, he’s map hacking. 
  • His own heartbeat also goes down to 0 if he fails miserably. 


  • His stim pistol can heal allies or himself. 
  • If a teammate is injured, he can use it to revive him from a distance. 
  • He can also revive himself with the stim pistol. 


  • Place an armor pack for the whole team. 
  • Teammates with armor will take reduced damage from bodyshots. 
  • Attackers can steal your armor pack, so make sure it’s empty or just destroy it if neccessary. 


  • His ADS can disable all grenades thrown into the device’s line of sight. 
  • EMP grenades will still disable ADS if it’s thrown in range and at ADS’s blind spot. 
  • Roam god. 


  • Place shock wires on reinforced walls or barbed wires. 
  • Anyone interacting with the shocked walls or wires will be damaged. 
  • Shock wires also destroys devices, Including your teammates devices. 


  • Deploys mounted LMG that melts anyone walking into line of sight. 
  • His LMG also has a bulletproof glass blocking headshots. 
  • Attackers will kneel down and pray everytime they see him. 


  • His traps deal damage to attackers that walked past. 
  • Peeking sideways of a door is a great way to check for his traps. 
  • Because a real hunter always watches where he steps.

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