Seers Isle – Common Success (Achievements)

Here are the success you can unlock whatever the character you’re aiming to go with.

Brandon or not Brandon

  • Team spirit: Take the ship when Brandon is hurted, so he can stay with the team.
  • The leftover: Leave Brandon of the beach by taking the stairs.

Who Do You Wake?

  • Sailing with no captain: Choose to wake Arlyn when Jennyver is being kidnapped by the Seers.
  • The Bear Totems: Choose to wake Freya.
  • Filicide: Choose to wake Duncan.
  • The hanged man: Choose to wake Connor.

Who Kills Erik?

  • Deadeye: When Erik is trying to kill Connor then Duncan, infiltrate Freya’s mind to kill Erik with a perfect arrow.
  • Giving a hand: Choose to help Duncan by taking his hand and sword to pierce Erik heart.

Others Success

  • So they have a tongue: After Erik’s death, when the Seers are coming to take his body, make Arlyn interact with them.

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