Ring of Elysium – Basic Beginner’s Guide

This is a brief guide to help you play better and sharpen your skills!

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Weapon Go To!

All credit goes to Romansky Fingerfuk!

The basic idea is to designate your role on the team!

  • Run And Gun: Usually adept at clearing small areas within city encounters.
    (Mostly dual Vector with shotgun).
  • Sniper: Good at quick distance shots and some rapid single fire medium ranges.
    (Mosin or better).
  • Mule: Carries a large number of meds that he can distribute to the team, usually stays in the middle of the group to revive team.
    (Grosa pref).
  • Hybrid: Usually carries a silenced weapon and a single fire weapon.
    (MPX and DMR).

These guns are my pref…


I try to carry a mosin or better for distance, a DMR or AR with single shot (4x scope or better), and an MPX (because its silent). And the best bet is that if there are a lot (2 or more teams) fighting it out in an area, just sneak in close to get an eye on the fight. If you’re not included in the fight then you’re not a target! At any point you can decide to engage and either take kills with a sweet pot-shot or sweep us the mess and take the loot for yourself! I’ve also many times decided that I wanted to avoid any inclusion and went after it was all over, sometimes my gear just isn’t good!

In The Fight!

Remember to stop and heal! If they manage to deal more damage than you have health, you’re dead!

Try to only engage a group or person when you either have better cover than they do, or they’re not expecting you. I’ve snuk in on people looting many times!

If you have cover from enemy fire, heal up! I heal if I’m <91%HP, its easier to prone and heal than to start a new game.

Never rush unless you’ve delt massive damage to them already.
I still die from attempting to creep around a wall to have someone lean out and waste me!

Remeber to change positions as often as possible… Get a kill and if there are other people in the area, move to new location, even if its just outside to look in a window!

Stop bobbing back and forth while looting!! It will not save your life. If you’re that worried about getting shot while looting, use it as baitor don’t loot it!!

While looting use this Tier.

Weapons, Heals, Ammo.

I always loot for the best guns. Most people carry a ton of ammo and almost no heals, that’s wrong! Drop ammo down to 100-150 shots/weapon for heals and drop bandages for kits!! You can kill someone or loot up from town to town to replenish missing ammo!

Final Tip List

Always use Climber pack!

Everything else doesn’t have the capacity or the speed of a vehicle…

Plan with the team!

Use the “M” button and make a route with use of location points!

Stop, listen, and react!

If you hear footsteps, get to cover and decide what to do!

Getting shot at?

Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive, and Dodge into cover! Once there it will be easier to asses enemy location and send them a counter offer!

Take out a lean!

So you’re in cover! Remember that while the lean machanic sucks in this, it does save lives! Shows only 1/3 to 1/2 of your body and is faster than sidestepping while aiming down scope. Remember to chance stance to force the enemy to retrain their scope on you!

Use vehicles, gondolas, and ziplines!

Its faster than walking!

Someone driving past you?!

I always shoot at vehicles, the groza is best for this in small bursts or auto based on target range!

How to change third person to first person when you are in game?

All you have to do is press the Ctrl + H keys when you are spawn on map, and you will change it.

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