MapleStory 2 – Got Disconnected from Playing Hard Dungeon and Can’t Go Back?

This guide will help players who experience disconnection while playing Hard Dungeon.

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Disconnection Solution

Have you ever got disconnected from hard dungeon and then you can’t get back to the arena/place? Well good news I have a solution for you to go back inside.

Once you got disconnected and then connected to the server:

  • Buy a RED DAISY from black market. 
  • Go to the place that has a poison like Kerning Junkyard and swim there until your hp went to 500.
  • Once your HP reach 500, quickly enter the dungeon then use the red daisy.
  • You will now die inside the dungeon and you can respawn inside the battle field and play again with your friends.

Thats it! It is very simple and quick guide for those people who are having problem with DC while playing hard dungeon. I hope this guide helps and happy grinding!

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