PUBG – Corrupted Data Fix

This will 100% fix your error if you fall under the specific category!


Hey so this is a 100% fix for corrupted data, This will only apply for you if you’ve recently changed your computer parts as battle eye read hardware ID’s.

The Fix

I know you more than likely will have done this but the reason it didnt work is because you missed a few steps but like i said this will only work if youve upgraded anything in your pc like i did, i upgraded my mobo ram and cpu.(apart from hdd or graphics card) (not sure about sound cards i’ve never had one)

So your first step is to open Steam goto your games and uninstall the game, once you have done that there will be left over files that steam didn’t remove. so now you want to open the %localappdata% folder just open file manager copy %localappdata% into your search bar for windows 10 (I’m using win 10) then your going to delete TslGame or the direct file location is: 

  • C:Usersyour usernameAppDataLocalTslGame

Once that is deleted go ahead to the same location but look for battle eye delete that folder also, once you’ve done that you need to goto your steam directory and delete the pung folder that got left behind:

  • C:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamappscommon

Then hit windows +R and search services.msc find the battle eye service right click goto properties and then click log in at the top click local system account go back to first tab and change the drop down box to manual hit apply and okay restart steam or pc redownload PUBG issue solved.

Written by DJ Se7eN

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