The Watson-Scott Test – Secret Achievment (Egg Sequences)

This will help you unlock the two secret acheivments for The Watson-Scott Test.

Egg #1 and #2

So i’ve seen a couple people struggling with the two secret acheivements so heres a quick way to get them, i advise doing this once you’ve tried getting it on your own first, just for the plain fun of it.

These can both be aquired through the second test so theres no need to restart the entire thing.

Egg Sequence #1: You can get this right at the beggining when you’re asked “Do you want to be stronger, say no, he’ll ask another question which you’ll have to say that you’d want to see what he’d say, when asked to if you’d like to provoke, say yes, then when you’re asked to ask a question yourself, ask about his mother.

Egg Sequence #2: When asked the question about the Fibonacci code (0, 1, 1, 2, 3) after you’ve gotten the question right he’ll ask whether you think yourself smart, reply yes, a bunch of code will appear which you should ignore (not really but if you scare easy then sure), there is a sequence of answers you’ll have to answer with, by saying YOU, MEAN, NOTHING, you would have gotten the achievement.

Written by Wabajakin

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