Soul at Stake – Beginners Guide

A guide aimed at providing detailed explanations regarding each aspect of SaS.

Gamblers – Who Should I Pick?

So you played a few games but are torn between which gambler best fits your playstyle. In this section, I will discuss each gambler and how they face up against certain devils.


A strong choice and popular among skilled gamblers and newer players alike. Prior to recent balancing changes, Angie was easily the best gambler in the hands of an experienced player. This was primarily due to her unique cheats (Sensation + Foreshadow). Sensation has the basic effect of increasing the range of the devils heartbeat up to a max of 2 meters at Tier 3. This is a strong cheat which provides additional awareness and time to escape against a devil who is closing in to get the drop on you. You should always be using this.

Foreshadow allows you to hear your own hearbeat up to 5 meters (Tier 3) from the devil while running. Another must-have cheat that when combined with good map knowledge allows you to run practically everywhere around the map without fear of a devil ambushing you from around a tight corner or similar. I’ve been informed that this perk might be bugged currently so its worth testing it out (I don’t have it yet).

Angie vs Corpse

Angie is easily the best gambler when playing against Corpse as his ability forces him to engage within the heartbeat radius which you have extended via the above cheats. An experienced squad of 4 Angie’s against a Corpse is an extremely favourable matchup for the gamblers because of this.

Angie vs Prince

Angie struggles against Prince because he can mute his heartbeat radius entirely, thus rendering Angie’s unique perk useless. One could say that Prince is the hard counter to Angie players as a result of this.

Angie vs Bride

Angie is a good pick against Bride as like Corpse, she needs to engage within the heartbeat radius and all clones produce a heartbeat.

Angie vs Witch

Angie is a balanced matchup for Witch as she still needs to get close to physically attack you when her curse ability is on cooldown. The flipside is that Witch can snipe you with her ability outside of the heartbeat radius, which makes Angie’s unique perk(s) less effective/redundant.


Daisy is the closest thing to a Prince counter in the current meta. Her unique perk Silence means the devil has to be 2.5 meters closer to you to detect you (Tier 3). This can be the difference between getting ambushed by the devil to being undetected entirely and is viable against every devil. You should always be using this.

Conceal was reworked recently but in my opinion it’s still not worth using because you should work on not getting trapped in the first place which removes the need for this perk entirely.

Daisy vs Corpse

Daisy is a balanced matchup against Corpse. The advantage for Daisy is Corpse will have to get fairly close to even detect you (he has the default aura reading range) which can potentially reduce the amount of devil engagements in the early game.

Daisy vs Prince

If you think you are going to be against a Prince, pick Daisy. Prince is heavily dependent on his huge aura reading range which is made less effective by Silence. This isn’t a hard counter as such, but is currently the best cheat to make Prince less effective.

Daisy vs Bride

Very similar to Corpse. She’ll have to get close to even detect you (default aura reading range).

Daisy vs Witch

Personally I think Daisy has the advantage here. Witch’s ability is ranged, which means most of the time you get caught in the aura reading range prior to being cursed. Silence helps against this scenario somewhat. A smart Witch can still hit you from beyond her aura reading range, so be vigilant.


I’d like Daniel to be viable in the current meta, but he just isn’t most of the time. I’d probably only recommend this guy if you are just starting out and getting downed fairly often, but Angie is still a better pick in comparison for new players.

Survival reduces your bleeding speed while down by 20% (Tier 3). In an optimal scenario, you don’t want to be going down in the first place but if you are playing Daniel you might aswell run this as its still better than the alternatives. This is a fairly decent perk against devils who camp, as it buys more time for your teammates who should be working on cardholders if you get downed. It’s totally useless if you are consistently the last guy alive.

Grit allows you to escape from traps 50% faster (Tier 3). This was also reworked recently but in my opinion it’s still not worth using because you should work on not getting trapped in the first place which removes the need for this perk entirely.

Daniel vs Corpse

Skilled Corpse players dont camp, so there isn’t much to explain here. Both Angie and Daisy are better picks.

Daniel vs Prince

Prince has the advantage but Survival can help against bodycampers and to reduce the effectiveness of Death Breath which keeps you downed for longer periods.

Daniel vs Bride

Arguably Daniel’s best matchup. Bride players love to camp, which makes Survival somewhat viable.

Daniel vs Witch

Witch has the advantage. In a Witch game, you spend more time getting cursed than actually being seriously injured. Playing Daniel and trying to juke the devil as your primary goal to give the other gamblers more time won’t work against Witch.


Charles’s playstyle revolves heavily around money. If played correctly, you can get access to the shop earlier than other gamblers which gives you a better early game and prepares you well for when the devil starts snowballing with soul bells.

Extra Profit grants you an additional 16 stakes (Tier 3) whenever you finish a cardholder. If you are playing solo queue as Charles, you need to run this. Seal any cardholders you notice are low and you’ll be eating ginsengs for dinner for the next 3 days. There is a premade strategy which I will mention later in this guide where this perk isn’t run however.

Profiteer grants you an additional 9 stakes (Tier 3) whenever you heal another gambler. If you are playing solo queue as Charles, its ultimately a toss up between this or resilience. Personally, I run this over resilience in solo queue as i’m usually the last one standing anyway.

Charles vs All Devils

Charles’s typical playstyle doesn’t change much depending on the devil you are up against. A skilled Bride shop camping can really ruin your day but otherwise you need to focus heavily on sealing and grabbing items as quickly as possible moreso than other gamblers to be effective. In a 1v1 endgame scenario, Charles isn’t great as both sides get free items and the shop is mostly depleted at this stage.

Items – Gamblers


The cheapest item in the shop, easy to use and can save you from being belled while injured. This is practically a poor man’s ginseng pill. You might get lucky and randomly teleport to a shop, or you might simply teleport a few meters away from where you teleported from. Make sure you teleport immediately if a devil hits you. Any form of delay can result in the devil belling you during the teleport animation, preventing your escape.

Stealth Charm

The mid-tier item in the shop and the hardest item to use effectively. Useful in 1v1 mind game scenario’s or to sneakily finish off that final cardholder which only has one point left. Don’t buy this over a teleporter or a ginseng because it cannot save you from a bell if you get injured. Getting belled while invisible will stun and reveal you to the devil. Being invisible will hide you from an Auras Radar, although this is heavily situational. Can prevent you getting cursed by the Witch as turning invisible during the ability channel will save you.

Ginseng Pill

The best item in the shop and every gamblers favourite meal. Instant use and used primarily to save yourself from getting belled while injured. If everyone on your team grabs one of these at full health then the devil is going to struggle to kill people. Try not to waste these as they are shared amongst the entire team and no-one likes that person who eats like 3 of these and then dies. If you get hit by the devil who just used his ability and he isn’t holding a bell, don’t use a ginseng! You might find another gambler who can heal you.

Gambler Strategies – Basic

I’ll discuss here a few tips on being a effective gambler and how to help and not hinder your team.

  • Use the cheat Helping Hand on every gambler and get it to Tier 3 as soon as possible. Healing is vital in this game. If it’s done consistently and quickly, the devil is going to have a seriously difficult time if he runs out of bells. the 40% increase in heal speed is just far too good to turn down.
  • Learn the maps inside out. This point is equally important for both gambler and devil but certain devils are better on some maps than others. You only need to figure out where cardholders can spawn and the fastest way to reach certain locations. Shops always spawn in the place of certain cardholders.
  • Find the shops early! Two shops will always spawn in every game and the green lantern is your only true friend. If you are struggling, use the perk Far-sight and remember the shop location. 
  • Plan early. You just put 18 into a cardholder. Do you plan on going to the shop, grabbing a 3 and sealing it? Or do you plan on working on a different cardholder and letting another gambler finish it? Try your best to not get the math wrong as you’ll end up just wasting time.
  • Know your devil. Spotting the devil early helps you amend your playstyle to best counter their abilities. I’ll expand more on this in the devil section of this guide.
  • Dodging. Dodging is your number one tool to ruin the devil’s day. A single dodge can be the difference between going down and sealing the last cardholder and winning. If you get good at this, you can deny the devil snowballing early and force them to use bells poorly/leave you alone until the later stages of the game.
  • Don’t sprint everywhere. When you press the button to sprint, the heartbeat sound is muted completely. A skilled devil knows that a sprinting gambler is easy prey for an ambush because they won’t hear you coming. Always unmute the sprint button when approaching blind corners and doorways to avoid devil interceptions.
  • Exploit devil mistakes. Just saw a devil teleport to a cardholder and then teleport away? Go to that cardholder and seal it as much as possible. A skilled devil will read this play and return to the cardholder, so don’t make it obvious.

Gambler Strategies – Advanced

  • Don’t deadzone entire sections of the map. Pay attention to which cardholders are being sealed. If you seal 3 cardholders in the same area of the map, the devil has an easier time defending the remaining cardholders as they are in a smaller area which can be patrolled faster.
  • Try to heal in locations where the devil cant reach easily. If someone is injured, try not to heal them next to a cardholder (a devil can teleport there and drop a bell instantly). Try to reach an area out of the devil’s likely patrol route so he/she can’t prevent the healing and cause further injuries.
  • Shop Denial. Cardholders near shops should be sealed quickly if your team isn’t running any particular cardholder strategy. Giving the devil quick access to shop locations is a bad idea.
  • Camping Devils. If a devil decides to camp, make sure he’s punished for doing so. Focus on sealing with big value cards if you believe this to be the case and don’t try to be too heroic in reviving.
  • Avoid 1v1’s at all costs. Winning a 1v1 as gambler is very possible and has been done many times. However this isn’t a situation you want to find yourself in. Two gamblers against a devil with no items is a huge difference over one gambler as the devil can’t get a free item every 30 seconds. 1v1’s usually result in shop camping and bell spamming which heavily favours the devil.
  • Crouching. Crouching kills the devil’s aura reading and is used frequently in mind games with the devil. In a 1v1 scenario where the devil is out of items, crouching can cause the devil all kinds of grief in trying to find you.
  • Prepping Cardholder Strategy. This strategy was invented by 海斗 – Kaito (Veteran gambler in the official discord) and is very strong currently. The idea is to reduce cardholders to one point without sealing them until 5 have been prepared in this way and then sealing them all in one go. This ensures that the devil is always stretched across the map and may lure the devil into a false sense of security in thinking he has more time than he actually does. Make sure everyone is on the same page and doing the same thing when you run this strategy. When using Charles, use Profiteer instead of Extra Profit as the game is practically over when 5 holders have been prepared.
  • Fast Sealing Cardholder Strategy. Everyone tries to seal a specific cardholder quickly, with one gambler sealing an additional one. This is the most common thing gamblers do when starting out and is deemed to make the most sense. The Prepping Catdholder Strategy is much stronger than this in every sense, but its still worth mentioning to switch things up.

Devil – Who Should I Pick?

In this section, I will discuss each devil with their respective pros and cons.


Personally my favourite devil. Corpse is best played aggressively and has high mobility in comparison to the other devils. His unique ability is a charge which has good distance and can close distance with a gambler fairly easily. This is commonly used to land a hit at the end of a charge and follow up with a bell if a gambler doesn’t have an item. Corpse has the default aura reading radius like most devils. As with all Devils, you want to hurt gamblers early before they can get items. In my opinion, camping with Corpse is a surefire way to lose the game as his general playstyle encourages a ‘in your face’ strategy which keeps gamblers on the backfoot. Utilize your high mobility and stay on the move.

Death Thrill will stun gamblers for 1.2 seconds if they fail a quick time event within 50 meters of you (Tier 3). This perk was buffed recently but the problem is it relies on gamblers making a mistake. Against newer players, this perk is workable as they will often panic when you teleport to their cardholder, subsequently failing the QTE and giving you a free hit. Veteran gamblers will very rarely fail a QTE, if ever, making this perk totally useless.

Frenzy allows you to charge through doors with no negative effects (Tier 3). This perk is hilarious and is always worth running. A smart gambler may close a door on you in a chase and believe himself to be safe. This perk will ensure you charge through and get a hit in this scenario. It also has good ambush potential to get a hit on a gambler who is in a closed room doing a cardholder. I always run this.


  • Aggressive, high mobility.
  • Can engage quickly.
  • Good ambush potential with Frenzy, can still hit gamblers after being detected.
  • Better than Bride against experienced gamblers.


  • Angie can detect you early, reducing your ambush potential.
  • Generally struggles against good dodgers more than other devils. Corpse isn’t really a strategic killer and can be slightly predictable in engagements.
  • Hard corners and stairs are your worst enemy. Smart gamblers will try and juke around objects and corners to render your charge ineffective. Missing a hit after a charge is extremely costly so make it count.


The theatrical equivalent of a pantomime villain and the king of sp00k. Prince is arguably the strongest killer right now. His unique ability allows him to completely mute his heartbeat reading, allowing you to sneak up on gamblers undetected. Prince loses his aura reading when this happens which is the tradeoff. This ability can be enabled and disabled at will, with no cooldown. This is strong because there is no real counter to mitigate this. Playing Daisy helps against this, although this isnt a hard counter as such. Prince is a strategic, mind games killer who has strong ambush potential through his ability and is fairly strong against Veteran gamblers.

Death Breath prevents downed gamblers from being seen by other gamblers outside of 10 meters (Tier 3). This perk is incredibly strong for many reasons. It keeps gamblers out of the game for long periods, makes other gamblers ignore cardholders in an attempt to find them and generally allows you to get less hits in order to win. You should always be running this because this perk is practically broken.

Soul Grasp allows you to see wounded and downed gamblers from further away. I dont actually have this, but it only makes Prince’s huge aura reading range even larger and has great snowball potential if you get hits in early. Most Prince players I see run this.


  • Talented ambusher.
  • Strong unique perks.
  • Snowballs alot better than the other devils, sometimes you only need to down each gambler just once to win the game.
  • Strong against experienced gamblers.


  • Low mobility. If you get spotted early sneaking up on someone, you are done for and need to reposition or play mind games with the gambler. Both of these options waste time.
  • Prince’s ability is strong at getting an initial hit on a gambler. It won’t help in getting a follow up hit to down them. As a result, Prince is heavily dependent on bells like Bride.
  • Prince is actually very dependent on his early game. Cautious gamblers who don’t take risks/don’t linger at cardholders can really hurt you. Make sure the gamblers don’t get ginsengs before you get a bell, otherwise you have a lot of work to do as you can’t get aggressive like Corpse can.
  • Requires patience due to his slow, calculated playstyle. I find this slightly boring so I don’t play Prince much.


The queen of map control. Bride excels in locking down specific areas of interest like the shop and important cardholders. Her ability creates a static clone, which can be teleported to in the same way as teleporting to a cardholder. Bride’s playstyle is heavily centered around area denial and camping. She is the most mobile killer in the game and skilled players can control the map fairly well.

Bateful Gaze increases your aura reading radius by 20 meters after teleporting to a clone (Tier 3). This is fairly useful, but not a must-have. It’s more or less used to detect gamblers who might be running close to a cardholder or another clone, which is how Bride primarily engages.

Remembrance allows you to teleport to a cardholder 50% faster (Tier 3). This perk is a must-have. On its own, it acts as your main form of engagement to actually hit gamblers. Gamblers have to run as soon as they see the wind on a cardholder, otherwise you can land a easy hit on them. Tier 1 unlocks at Lvl 20, so Bride is kind of a hard slog against decent players until you get this. I don’t have this perk, but I’ve played against a fair number of Bride’s in China to know how much it can hurt gamblers who don’t react immediately.


  • Great at stopping gamblers sealing cardholders you actually care about (near shops).
  • High mobility, can get to the shop in one click.
  • Remembrance can grant easy hits against complacent gamblers.
  • Once someone goes down, they won’t be getting up. Dropping clones periodically next to the downed gambler allows you to camp them easily.


  • Arguably the weakest killer against experienced gamblers. Smart gamblers won’t fall for your clone mindgames and can evade Remembrance at Tier 3. If they are playing Angie, it only gets harder for you.
  • Without Remembrance, Bride is an average devil. You need pretty good map knowledge to play Bride effectively because she doesn’t have a concrete engagement skill like the other devils. 
  • Like Prince, I find that many Bride players are dependent on bells for follow up hits to down gamblers. Luckily, you have easy access to the shop unlike Prince. 


The witch of the frozen village who is secretly Chris Kyle’s protégé. Witch is unique from the other devils as her ability is ranged. When activated with a gambler in clear vision, said gambler will be transformed into a spectral cat after a small activation time. Spectral cats will be damaged at the end of the transformation duration if the curse fails to be broken by another gambler. Witch is a strong devil because she can take gamblers out of the game for long periods of time relatively easily.

Curse of Doom increases your aura reading radius of spectral cats by 15 meters. This perk isn’t anything to write home about, but its helpful in detecting cats who are nearing the end of their transformation period, allowing you to ambush them immediately/follow up with a bell to down them when they become a gambler again.

Feline Senses allows you to detect gamblers when they are close to a cat (I dont have the exact percentage for Tier 3). This perk is very strong because your cats now become wards, allowing you to detect a potential gambler breaking the transformation curse from anywhere on the map. This has great snowball potential and a smart Witch can effectively reduce the amount of transformation curses being broken just by running this.


  • Strong skill-based devil ability. Witch’s ability can be activated early, so you can catch a gambler at the end of the charge time and transform them instantly. This has great ambush potential at most ranges.
  • Transforming gamblers takes them out of the game completely until the curse expires, or is broken. This is powerful and easy to land against veteran and newer gamblers alike with some practice.
  • Strong against veteran gamblers (even better than Prince if the gamblers are premade and communicating outside of the game).
  • A 1v1 scenario with Witch is a gambler’s worst nightmare. Transforming a gambler in a 1v1 gives ample time to return to the shop and grab that RNG soul bell.


  • Witch’s ability has a very obvious audio tell, which signals for gamblers to remove themselves from the Witch’s line of sight.
  • Witch is better on some maps than others. Hakka is a great map for Witch, whereas Train Station I find Witch to be less effective.
  • Smart gamblers with good map knowledge will plan their escape routes carefully to avoid your harmful gaze. Don’t waste your ability in tight corners.

Items – Devils

Auras Radar

The cheapest item in the shop, easy to use and fairly important at all points in the game. This is usually the first item you buy in most circumstances. These cost 18 stakes, so a single hit on a gambler is enough to buy one. The only way a gambler can prevent their aura from being seen is if they are invisible. The effect of this item also persists through Prince’s ability when activated. We’ll call this item the “bread” of devil items, because its the foundation for most engagements and gambler interceptions.

Soul Bell

If the Auras Radar is the bread, this is the butter. The Soul Bell is a powerful devil item which could have a section in this guide to itself. A typical devil play is to grab two important early game hits which gives enough stakes for both a Auras Radar and a bell. Combining these items frequently to find and down gamblers consistently + snowball is how you win the game as devil. Using a bell to stun two injured gamblers and downing them both is an effective way to use the bell because you make a profit in terms of stakes and put two gamblers out of the game for a while. This item really isn’t as strong as the community makes it out to be but it’s practically mandatory against stronger gamblers.

Bear Trap

The most expensive item in the shop which can cause serious damage if a gambler gets snagged. Buying a trap deviates from the standard auras radar + bell combo described above, but they are most certainly worth it if a gambler gets caught in one. If a gambler gets caught in a trap they will be injured immediately and can be hit by the devil while trapped and downed. These should be used fairly sparingly in doorways and other tight walkways where they can’t be easily seen. Less effective against stronger gamblers who are more aware of their surroundings, so don’t buy many of these against stronger opposition, or you’ll just waste money.

Devil Strategies – Basic

I’ll discuss here a few tips to make you a more effective devil.

  • Always predict what a gambler will do. Newer players tend to panic and run for long distances in a particular direction. Use this to your advantage and ambush them. 
  • Learn the maps inside out. This point is equally important for both gambler and devil but certain devils are better on some maps than others. You only need to figure out where cardholders can spawn and the fastest way to reach certain locations. Shops always spawn in the place of certain cardholders. 
  • Find the shops early! Two shops will always spawn in every game and the green lantern is your only true friend. 
  • Get hits early. Doing the work early makes your life as Devil much easier. If you get your evil hands on a soul bell before gamblers have ginseng pills, you are in the driving seat and should push your advantage. 
  • Don’t get complacent. I am guilty of this myself. You might think killing off 2 gamblers with 5 cardholders left is a good position, until you realise 5 cardholders only have 1 point left. Play with honor and respect, but don’t let winnable games slide to a loss. 
  • Switch up your attack patterns. Switch between short and long lunges even if a gambler is very close. New gamblers will expect a short lunge up close and will dodge prematurely, allowing you a free hit. 
  • A sprinting gambler is a prime target. When a gambler sprints, the devil’s heartbeat sound is muted completely. A skilled devil knows that a sprinting gambler is easy prey for an ambush because they won’t hear you coming. Hide around blind corners and doorways to intercept gamblers that think they can run everywhere as they are easy targets. 
  • Try not to be seen in the open. A devil who is spotted by a gambler some distance away is useless unless the devil has a bell. Always mask your movements, moving unpredictably while remaining unseen until you engage. 
  • Don’t use bells on gamblers who are not injured. This is a common mistake made by new devils. You only have 5 bells to buy until a 1v1 scenario happens. These need to be used as required to actually down gamblers. Anything else is a waste of a bell. Running out of bells against 2 or 3 gamblers that are alive and healthy can ruin you. Using the final bell to finish the penultimate gambler is optimal. 

Devil Strategies – Advanced

  • Protect certain cardholders over others. Cardholders in the corners of the map tend to be more difficult to defend as they take longer to reach. Against strong gamblers, you will lose cardholders regardless of what you do. The key is to defend those that you actually care about (close vicinity to the shop or very close to another cardholder you can patrol easily). 
  • Intercept gambler healing attempts as a priority. If the gamblers heal consistently and often, you will lose the game. Breaking up a group heal with a bell can further push your advantage and is an effective use of the bell. 
  • Don’t camp. A smart gambler team will bury you if they figure out you are facecamping. Bride is the exception to this as it’s inherent to her playstyle. Camping isn’t fun for either party and people will be dodging your lobbies if you play like this. Just don’t do it if you arent Bride. 
  • 1v1 scenarios. To win, you have to best the final gambler in a 1v1. These scenarios favour the devil, but strong gamblers will make your life very difficult. Get comfy with the mindgames that will surely ensue here. A strong gambler will visit the shop often, simply using the invisibility cloak while remaining at the shop until they are given a ginseng. They will repeat this while slowly sealing cardholders unpredictably. Try to get strong gamblers out of the game early to avoid this. 
  • Get creative with the traps. Putting traps in the debris of a destroyed door is a great way to trap a gambler. Certain maps also have things on the floor which you can place a trap inside, rendering it completely unseen. A prime example is Forbidden Palace at the top of the map. Traps can be placed inside the circular mats that are present in the room.

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