Creativerse – Exploring, Mining and Taming the Layers

Need to know how to explore, mine, and tame the creatures in alll of the layers? This guide is for you.

The Top

The Top layer has no in game name, it is separated into several biomes:

  • Plains: The most likely place you are to spawn when first enetering your world. It is mostly flat with some grass. Trees: None. Spawns: Leafi, Pigsy. Night: Night Leafi, Night Twiggy, Night Pigsy, Night Hoglet, and Miru. 
  • Hills: Basically a bumpy verion of the plains. Trees: A few tiny Ashenwood trees. Spawns: Leafi, Pigsy. Night: Night Leafi, Night Twiggy, Night Pigsy, Night Hoglet, and Miru. 
  • Forest: Another likely place to spawn, except that its covered in trees. The trees have several flowers that can prove useful in dyes. Trees: Cragwood, Ashen wood, and Cragwood logs. Spawns: Leafi, Pigsy, Chizzard. Night: Night Leafi, Night Twiggy, Night Pigsy, Night Hoglet, Night Chizzard, and Miru. 
  • Woodland: The Forest biome but with more trees. Trees: Cragwood, Ashen wood, and Cragwood logs. Occasionally it is Autumnwood intead of anything else and spawns Autumn Leafis. Spawns: Leafi, Mossy Leafi, Pigsy, Chizzard. Night: Mossy Leafi, Night Leafi, Night Twiggy, Night Pigsy, Night Hoglet, Night Chizzard, and Miru. 
  • Dunes: Sand, it’s everywhere! This is the only biome that has another part of itself before the Fossil Layer, Sandstone. Trees: Shorewood, Cacti as an honourable mention. Spawns: Dry Leafi, Rockster, Pebble, Dustevil. Night: Night Leafi, Night Rockster, Dustevil. 
  • Savannah: The second hottest biome, it can fill the heat meter. Trees: Parchwood. Spawns: Pigsy, Bosshog, Shrewdshrew. Night: Night Pigsy, Bosshog. 
  • Shore: It only is on the edge of an Ocean touching a Plains, Woodland, Hills, or Forest Biome. It is basically a small verion of the dunes. Trees: None. Spawns: Rockster, Pebble. Night: Night Rockster. 
  • Canyons: The only biome to have several distinct layers all to itself., it can spawn small oasis inside, although they should spawn in the dunes. Trees: None. Spawns: Dry Leafi, Dustevil, Trog. Night: Dustevil, Trog. 
  • Jungle: A biome where the sky is almost completely concealed, and it can fill the heat meter. It is the hottest biome. Trees: Wildwood. Spawns: Chizzard, Mossy Leafi, Feral Pigsy. Night: Night Chizzard, MossyLeaft, Feral Pigsy. 
  • Mountains: Most likely where you first saw snow. It is the only place you can find Peakstone. Trees: None. Spawns: Rambeu, Blizzard Chizzard. Night: Rambeu, Artic Miru, Blizzard Cizzard. 
  • Tundra: A warm yet cold place right before a tiaga or glacier. Trees: Elderwood. Spawns: Nothing. Night: Rare chance for an Artic Miru. (because its so close to othe biomes, any creatures found here are from the other biomes) 
  • Tiaga: A semi frozen wasteland, usually bordered by a tundra. Trees: Elderwood. Spawns: Rare chance for a Blizzard Chizzard. Night: Rare chance for a Blizzard Chizzard or Artic Miru. 
  • Glacier: There is no actual name for these, they just read “Ocean”. They are large plates of Ice ontop of oceans. They are the only place Ice Cap blocks can be found. Trees: None. Spawns: Blizzard Chizzard. Night: Blizzard Chizzard, Artic Miru. 
  • Swamp: This is an extremely rare and hard to find biome, It has bog water and lily pads. It’s so rare, I couldn’t even find one to make this part of the guide, I found it once in my game and I haven’t found it since. (If you know anything about this biome, help me fix this guide) 
  • Ocean: Just water, no trees, no monsters, nothing. 

The Fossil and Stalactite Layers

This is the second place you will go, as you need to to get your stone gauntlet, and to most likely build anything decent. This layer consists of Stone, Limestone, Bedrock, Magnetite, and Fossils. You will need fossils for gas lamps later on. This layer is where you will find Coal Nodes. Nothing else about this layer.

The Stalactite layer consists of, Stalactite, Saltrock, Siltstone, Moss, Magnetite and Glowing Mushrooms. This layer also features caverns which contain Mud, Mineral Water, and Tar. Iron nodes are found here. As it is dark, Miru do spawn down here, in plentiful numbers. Be armed. Unlike the fossil layer, which happens so many blocks down from stone, the Stalactice layer has set coordinates where it can be, so if you flattened the world to just the stalactite layer, it would be completely flat.

The Lava Layer

Now for my personal favorite layer, the Lava layer. I don’t really know why this death trap is my favorite, other than it houses my favorite monster, the Warmworm. Othe r than the Warmworn, there are also Hot Feet (Hot Foots?) that spawn here. This layer is where you will find Diamond Nodes. If you craft the Lumite mining cell and get some lava, by making blazing bread and then blazing sandwiches, you can reverse the damage of the lava, which mean lava will then HEAL you.(Note: Blazing Bread and Blazing Soup will only give a damage reduction to fthe lava damage, not reverse it).

The Corrupted Layer

Alright, here’s where things get painful. You’re done with the lava layer now, and you want to go deeper, but you dont know what lies ahead. This is the deadliest layer, with the deadliest monsters, and that Thing that stares at you while you sleep. This is your never ending boss battle.

Ok, so before you dig, you need to ask yourself if you really want to unleash this onto your world. It won’t change any blocks, but as soon as you enter this place, the monsters will spawn on the top layer(for some reason). It will only be for a bit, but they stay there for 3 in game days, or until you get far enough for them to despawn. This only applies if you have corruption spread turned on.

You ready? Then you need to break blocks in front of you, not under you, as its a giant pit. Your only chance at surviving is if you land on a tall tree (I mean tall), you broke into a tree that hit the ceiling, or you fall into the corrupted water. Once you are there, right before you jump, pop a corruption resistance potion. You want to immediately swim to the nearest chunk of land you see, or if you’re there already, get down safely to the ground. Then you want to light it up as much as possible, I suggest using wooden lamps. (If you are able to get to this point, you should have diamond gear).then you want to pillar your way up to the sparkly stuff on the cieling, those are Lumite nodes, you need to get lumite gear before you can take the creatures down here. Once you make the gear, make a couple healing beacons as well, as the creatures are damaged by it, and it nulllifys the corruption damage to you, and makes the land safe to walk on, and the water safe to swim in. (Within a radius). This beacon is truley your best friend down here. After that, you are ready to start taming!

The End of the World

I know what you are thinking probably: “What’s below the Corruption layer?” Tht would be The End of the World. Literally, the blocks are name “The End of the World”. The sides of the map however just end with an invisible block. The Sky end with invisible blocks too, and if you build to where you can’t jump anymore, the cold meter fills insanely quickly because the temperature is 2 degrees Fahrenhiet.

Taming Creatures

Now I know that the common method is to stun bomb them every 5 second until they are tamed, but… I actually don’t know any other ways to tame them.

Liquids, and What They Do

This is just going to be a short list.

  • Water: it mmakes food, it powers your pump, it makes neat structure parts, you can drown yourself in it. Nothing much else.
  • Mineral water: Heals you when you get in it, makes better food, you can’t drown yourself in it. So kid safe water.
  • Bog Water: As rare as the swamp itself. It deals poison damage, and makes strange green food. 
  • Tar: This does nothing except light on fire. its thick flammable water. 
  • Molasses: I don’t even remember how I got this. It makes bread that can’t be turned into sandwiches. It also doesnt like you swimming in it, it one took me 6-7 minutes to get out of my pit of molasses. 
  • Lava: Burns you. Turns into Hardened Lava if it isn’t hot enough, and that Hardened Lava turns into Igneous Rock if it isnt hot enough.
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