One Hour One Life – Bare Bones Basics

Things you need to know as a new player.

Starting Out

When born, you are completely dependent on your mother. She will become hungry more quickly while taking care of you. Try to make it easy on her by staying warm so your hunger decreases less quickly. This can be done by standing on a desert tile, or by a fire.

If she lets you die, don’t get angry. She is probably still trying to get things set up so the village doesn’t starve. It is better to lose a baby than lose a tribe.

Things to know: On a desert tile, you need a lot less food when not wearing clothes. Knowing this bit of info is often vital.


Village Life

Once you grow hair, you can pick things up and be of use to the family.

Berries should be your main source of food at this point. Try to tend to them so that other children can also live. Leave at least one berry on a bush at all times, or it will dry out and cost more dirt and water.

Berries are good for children, old people and compost. Dependence outside of this will kill the tribe.

A common mistake I often see is that while a mother is busy with other things they tell the children to tend the berry farm. Then the child continues to tend the berries through adulthood, and uses it as a main source of food. Eventually the soil and water disappear and everyone starves.

Born To An Eve

This is a little tougher. If your mother doesn’t hold you until you can no longer be breastfed, you will likely die. Once this stage is over, you will need a sharp rock and a basket to increase your survival chances. The rest is up to you.


If you see an older person in your tribe or village, ask to learn thier trade if you don’t know it yet. They will more than likely be happy to show you, and following in their footsteps will most likely keep everyone alive in the longer term.

Don’t be bashful. This is a tough game and there is a lot to learn.

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