Don’t Starve Together – Twitch Drops Guide

This guide will teach you about the Twitch Drop system.

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Twitch Drops

What are They?

Twitch Drops to the Don’t Starve Together World are ingame items awarded players who watch Don’t Starve Together Streamers. It helps out the streamers by awarding players ith a gift in return for watching the streamer for so man minutes and hours.

How Long Do They Last?

Each set of items last untill the next anouncment with the new set.

How Do I Recieve Them?

After watching a streamer for some amount of time you awarded the items.

  • 30 minutes: Player Icon.
  • 2 Hours: Player Portrait.
  • 6 Hours: Ingame Item Skin.

Note: This is cumlative or total amount of time watched.

Set Four: Equestrienne Headdress [Available]

Don't Starve Together - Twitch Drops Guide

Released on PC November 7th, 2018.

30 Minutes

2 Hours

6 Hours

Note: This skin is for the Feather Hat.

Written by CelesticLeo0w0


  1. I’ve reached level 31 and have completed all the skill trees and was wondering if you can only bake the lemon cake once you reach level 40.

  2. Also, if you leave a meal on the table in the kitchen, BonBon talks big about throwing it out but you will actually find it in a present the next day and it can be sold from the displays.

  3. Once you get chickens and cows eggs and milk spawn next to sugar and flour. So long as the animals are clean they will respawn.

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