Undertale – How to Complete Rouxls’s Puzzles

This is a guide for the Deltarune puzzles made by Rouxls Kaard.

Rouxls’s Puzzles

So, you may have encountered Rouxls Kaard in Deltarune and don’t know how to solve his puzzle. That’s fine, because it’s the most challenging puzzle in the game, if not in the history of mankind. I’ve spent a week wondering how to solve it, and finally, I’ve completed it and now I’d like to share the solution.

So, how to do the puzzle?

  • 1) Go to the right of the box.
  • 2) Press Z.
  • 3) Walk into the box.
  • 4) Hold Z.
  • 5) Walk into the box.

And there you have it – the puzzle’s completed.

Written by pedrakhan

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